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UPDATED: March 27th, 2001 (Proj '69 Log)

UPDATED TO ARCHIVE: October 28th, 2003

Unfortunately, both of the project Corvettes were sold during a divorce in 2001. The '75 was almost ready for the road and the 69 was ready to be put back together. I regret selling those cars and also sold my 91 Corvette so I am now 'Corvetteless.' :-(

One day, I will once again have another Corvette and will hopefully start updating these pages again, but for now they are just taking-up space in cyberspace as an historical record of my incomplete restoration of these fine cars.

Thanks to all those who visited the site over the years (around 40,000) and keep the faith and don't do what I did, GET THE CARS DONE! I wish you many Corvette thrills behind the wheel of your car and for me I will be forever Corvette Dreaming....

I now have my own company MyTech Consulting and we have just completed a website for Maravilla Condo Rentals in Destin, Florida Stop by and sign the guest book. As I could not stand not having an American Muscle Car, I bought an old Camaro Z/28 that I am now working on. Keep in touch, Adrian

Without further adue, here is the site and the cars that occupied my time and heart for so long....

This page was created in an effort to document the restoration of a C3 Corvette (specifically a 1969 model - Now includes a '75). After having restored a '66 Chevelle, '69 El Camino and '68 SS/RS Camaro, I felt that it was time to tackle a Vette. However, there are plenty of great Camaro resto pages out there that helped me complete my Camaro but the Corvette Resto pages (from an amateur prospective) are somewhat lacking. I am not a mechanic and do not work in the automotive field. I have never had anyone train me or had any formal training in automobile repair. However I believe anyone can "fix-up" a car if the desire is strong enough.

This site is one of the Top 100 Corvette Sites on the Net!

NOTE: If you have an L88 type big block hood, a '73-77 radiator, and/or '69 side pipes and you would like to sell them, please email me at (old Email:, with a price as I am seeking to purchase those items. Thanks!

This page will document a complete resto of the Vette from start to finish with lots of pics. I am sure that I will cover every aspect of the resto as I bought a basket case car (all of my cars were basket cases to begin with) and I paid a mere $275.00 for the car, or what was left of a '69 Vette. Cheap cars can be built! My '68 SS/RS Camaro was built for under $3,000.00, but it takes alot of research, time, effort, and shear willpower to undertake a project of this magnitude (either all those or just plain stupidity - take your pick). This car will NOT be a show car. It will appear stock but nothing on it will be original (what car really is) sit back, take a break and watch a hunk of fiberglass become a real vette to be proud of....

Here is a 'before picture'. Its in pretty good shape, heh?
And gee, there are only a few parts missing like doors, headlights, t-tops, interior, rear-end, etc.

Here is the current pic of Project '69

Nope, this ain't the project vette but the end result will be similar (we hope)


A word about paint...

Project '69 Log (1998-1999)

Project '69 Log (2000- )

Project '75 Log (El Cheapo)

Project '69 Budget

Project '75 Budget

Past Project Cars

Click HERE for some pictures of steel bumper (68-73) Vettes

Some Vette Links


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