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Do NOT in any event take these videos and put them on your site unless you are a memeber
of the band IN the video, or unless you have contacted me and I have told you that you may
use the video for your site. I have no life, so chances are if you steal my video I will find
and beat you!

That being said, here are the videos I have up right now...Enjoy them while they last, cuz who
knows when they'll change or what they'll change too!

Gym Class Heroes
Live in Portland, Or
Sept. 30, 2005
Click here
to watch.
Check out Gym Class bust out 2 of my fav songs.
On Arrival
Click here
to watch.
Here is a teaser for my friend's zombie movie.
Pretty bad ass!

Contact info:
Michelle Worthey
AIM: ChickenPoxRox
Yahoo: Zebrahead_Freak
MSN: ZebraheadRocks
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If you are in a band and would like for me to video tape your concert please contact me,
chances are I'd LOVE to. I also have the ability to put anything I tape onto a DVD for your
personal use if you're interested.

If you are in a band that I have filmed and posted a video of you playing, and would like
your video removed please just contact me and I will do so.