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The information in this FAQ comes from various sources: my own knowledge, magazine articles, interviews, internet sites, and of course, my own research for the Johnny and Winona biographies. I don't quote any specific sources since to do so would probably take up more space than this site alone, so I don't give any individual credit, but if you contributed something whether here or to my books, you know who you are and I thank you.

This FAQ is not meant to be the definitive Johnny and Winona bible. I've included the most frequent questions I've been asked about Johnny and Winona on my Winona book tour, and I hope you find this useful. If there is anything you want to know, and I think I can answer it accurately, then I will. Just e-mail me via Vicki.

1. Where can I write to Johnny and Winona?

Your best bet for getting a letter to either Johnny or Winona is through their agencies.

 For Johnny: UTA (United Talent Agency)
             9560 Wilshire Boulevard
             Suite 500
             Beverly Hills  
             California CA 90212

 For Winona: ICM (International Creative Management) 
             8942 Wilshire Boulevard
             Beverly Hills
             California CA 91505

2. What was Johnny and Winona's favourite film when they were dating?

One of their favourites was Robert Mitchum's The Night of the Hunter. In fact, Winona introduced Johnny to the movie which apparently became his favourite as much as it was Winona's.

3. Has Johnny and Winona seen all of each other's films.

Before they met, I think Johnny had seen most of Winona's upto and including Great Balls of Fire! (of course), and Winona had seen Johnny on 21 Jump Street. Johnny however didn't see Bram Stoker's Dracula or The Age of Innocence at the time because of their relationship ending, and Winona apparently didn't see Benny and Joon or What's Eating Gilbert Grape for the same reason. They may, however, have caught up with each other's work since, and even watched the ones they missed! I understand that The Brave was one Winona really wanted to see and apparently begged Johnny to show it to her. I guess, by now, she must have seen it.

4. How many interviews have Johnny and Winona done together?

No official ones together - as far as I know. Winona kind of dropped in on the interview Bill Zehme did with Johnny for "Rolling Stone" magazine in January 1991 and they have obviously been interviewed when they've been out in public at premieres etc. I remember "Entertainment Tonight" caught them at "Cry Baby, "Mermaids", "Edward Scissorhands" and "The Silence of the Lambs", but aside from these and the fashion shoot they did together for "Vogue" magazine in May 1991, I can't think of too many others. Although they were both frequently quoted in magazine articles, this doesn't mean they did the interview together.

5. Where can I get pictures of Johnny and Winona?

The best bet is through S & P Parker's Movie Market catalogue which is available from Dept EMP, South Western Business Park, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 3RH, (telephone: 01983 811000), or in the US at Movie Market, PO Box 3900, Dana Point, California 92629- 8900 (telephone: 949 488 8444)

6. Who introduced Johnny to Winona?

Josh Richman. He was a mutual friend because of the small parts he had played in two of Johnny's 21 Jump Street episodes and Winona's 1989 movie Heathers in which he played the 2nd Heavy Metaller in the parking lot whose scene occurs about fifteen minutes into the film. You know, the one who says "You go to the zoo and get a lion, then you put a remote-control bomb up it's butt, you push the button on the bomb, and you and the lion die like one".

7. Is it true that Winona and Johnny have signed to appear in "Just To Be Together" and "Scooby Do"?

Johnny's publicist has never heard of Just To be Together, nor has Winona's. So from that point of view, the answer would be no. I think it was one of those random, floating around things with no one attached as far back as 1991 possibly. They may well have been looking at the script at that time, but as far as doing the movie now seems unlikely. I think the rumours were kind of resurrected in 1998 but without confirmation. I never believe anything until it is officially confirmed by the trades or by Johnny and Winona's spokespersons. Interestingly enough, in the UK, we have just had stories about Winona developing a live action version of the Scooby Doo cartoon with Denise Di Novi, and Johnny in a cameo role, which is apparently slated for production in November this year. Although this information came from reliable sources, there has been no official announcement from Johnny and Winona's public relations firms, or through the trades, except for HEAT magazine who ran with the story. At the moment, there seems to be even more doubt about it since Winona is due to start production on Autumn In New York opposite Richard Gere in, yes, you guessed it, the Autumn, the same time that Scooby Doo was expected to commence. I hope someday the world will get to see Johnny and Winona back on screen together. Not just cameos in each others films, but in roles opposite each other.

8. Are Johnny and Winona still friends?

Yes, I think so. Winona said they were on the Charlie Rose Show a couple of years ago.

9. What colour is Johnny and Winona's hair?

Johnny's natural hair colour is dark brown. Winona's on the other hand is more debatable. Some say it is blonde, and she dyes it because she says it looks weird with such pale skin and dark eyes. The photo on the first page of the black and white section of my Winona biography would kind of support this. From the colour transparency from which that pic was taken, she had a kind of brownish/dirty blondish hair, and someone I know who's known Winona since 1984 says the same, so I guess that's her natural colour.

10. Who are Johnny and Winona's favourite authors?

Apart from me, you mean!! J D Salinger is certainly a favourite. Winona says "Catcher In The Rye" remains one of her all-time favourite novels. She often mentions in interviews how she calls it her personal bible and how many times she's read it (100 at last count!) A favourite of Johnny's would probably be Jack Kerouac. His novel "On the Road" was something Johnny wanted to turn into a movie, and probably still does.

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