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Hawk: GIJoe Commanding Officer

General Clayton Abernathy's "promotion" wasn't exactly what he'd bargained for. With the GIJoe program suspended (details are classified), high ranking Pentagon officials thought they could use his success story as a public relations opportunity. Now that Cobra has resurfaced, he has a second shot at completing the mission of the fallen General Flagg.

Cobra Commander

Viscious. Butcher. Opportunist...The definition of the man known only as Cobra Commander. Scheming to consolidate all forms of terrorism under Cobra control, he feels the time is right for Cobra to assume the spotlight again. Why is he doing this? What does it matter? He is evil. He must be stopped.

Duke: GIJoe 1st Sgt.

Tough as nails, the "Sarge" quickly gained the respect and trust of the GIJoe team as their new first sargeant. He's a risk-taker, but a professional. Duke loves his country, and as long as Cobra threatens that country, they are number one on his s#it list.

The Baroness

The Baroness's bloodlust is only rivaled be her total loyalty to Cobra. As Cobra Commander's second-in-command, she is prepared to do whatever it takes to see the world fall before Cobra's might.

Stalker: Ranger

Stalker has known combat all his life. It has produced a cunning and resourceful soldier. As a close friend to Hawk, Stalker was there for the creation of the GIJoe team.

Scarlett: Counter-Intelligence

Scarlett is an amazing martial artist and a valuable asset to the GIJoe team. It has become a second family for her, one that she holds most dear. There is quite a bit of mystery surrounding the nature of her relationship to Snake-Eyes, and what exactly she had to do with his injuries.

Snake-Eyes: Commando

GIJoe's best kept secret is Snake-Eyes. Even the sarge is pretty much in the dark about this guy. His professional skill speaks for itself, even if he can't.

Gung Ho: Marine

There are only two places a man like Gung Ho belongs: in the military or in a straight-jacket. The man's a nut! Although not an original member of the squad, his ferocity on the battlefield has earned the respect (or fear) of the entire unit. His tattoo should read "Point at the enemy".

Destro: Arms Dealer

The iron mask of Destro holds centuries of family tradition, as well as the secrets of the man beneath. Destro has some history with the Baroness that apparently ended bitterly. I man that never mixes business with his personal life, one has to wonder why he has allowed himself to become so closely involved with Cobra...

Low Light: Sharp-Shooter

Low Light is a new addition to the GIJoe unit. His area of expertise is night operations, but it is his reputation as a sniper that brought him to Hawk's attention. His deadly accuracy is unquestionable, but his ability to gain the trust of the squad is another matter. Low Light is a cold, straight-laced professional. He'd just as soon shoot you than talk to you.

Roadblock: Machine Gunner

When Rock 'N Roll was permanently reassigned from the GIJoe team, Hawk knew that replacing one of his most reliable troops wouldn't be easy. He decided to take a risk and bring in a soldier with lots of potential but little battlefield experience. In recruiting Roadblock he not only gained an enthusiastic soldier but also an aspiring world-class chef!

Cobra Special Forces: The Vipers

The Vipers are a small team of Central American mercenaries whose violent reputation caught the interest of Cobra Commander himself. Wetworks and demolitions are their specialty. Their loyalty to the Commander stems from his ability to provide plenty of people for them to kill. He saves these murderers for very special occasions.

Russian Counter-Terrorism Measure: The Oktober Guard

During the Cold War, the Oktober Guard was responsible for protecting the U.S.S.R.'s most vital secrets from the world at large. Now, in a more cooperative era, the guard functions with the greater global community's safety in mind. The Oktober Guard is comprised of Gorky, Daina, and Colonel Brekhov, the finest of Russia's armed forces. While on a mission to capture Cobra agent "The Baroness", the GIJoe team revealed that the unit's leader, Col. Erik Krimov, was in fact trying to restore the Iron Curtain with Cobra's help. He was killed in the battle that followed, but his misguided patriotism may have greater repercussions as yet unseen...

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