Pointless Pointouts

I know that the title is funky. I want it that way. Anyway, the point of this page is to tell everyone what you've noticed while reading the Tamora Pierce books. I hope you refrain from sending any COM or CO stuff yet because I've only read Sandry's Book and Tris's Book, but I'm working on reading the others!

To explain this page better, all you have to do is tell us if you've noticed anything unusual and interesting. It could be anything. It could be that the Tortall character never seem to get paper cuts. Or bee stings. Just major things like broken bones and such. If you don't understand, just read what other people put to get the idea.

Email all your finds to me and I'll post them!

Someone wrote to me in a review that Alanna must have not only fallen for Liam because of physical attraction, but also Jon. Now, I must point out how Alanna could not have fallen for Jon because of physical attraction because she had already known Jon for several years. In that time she had not falled for him, not until he made it clear. Alanna knew Jon many years before falling for him. Duh.

~Lady Theresa Okay, here's mine: The last person they want to find out, finds out.

Example one: Alanna dresses like a girl for the first time. George and Jon immediately come to visit Mistress Cooper.

Example Two: Alanna dresses like a girl on her seventeenth birthday. Jonathan finds her out.

Example Three: Owen finds out about her er, chest. Right in front of Neal.

~Squire Akela of King's Reach

Have you noticed that the characters never seem to have to go to the bathroom? Do they even have bathrooms??? Itís weird. And in most other books, they donít even bathe. At least Tamora Pierce lets them do that. And they all seem to tweak each others noses a lot. Thanx,


Reply to Chopstix: Actually, in First Test Kel does go to the latrine. It was on the page trip Wyldon took them on. The sparrows had to chase off Quinden and another page because they were walking to where Kel had her hose down because she was using the...uh..latrine.

Lady Theresa

Just realized this, (stupid, I know) but in the first SOFTL book, Roger has dark blue magic. Then in book 2, it promptly turns orange. Weeeeeeird.

~Squire Akela of King's Reach

Note to Squire Akela: I never noticed that....weird!

Lady Theresa

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