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!!!~~~****Elvish Phrases****~~~!!! 2

Positive Endearments

Yaaraer(ea) Ancient one(s)
Spangaer(ea) Bearded one(s)
Goth en gothamin Foe of my foe
Mellon en mellonamin Friend of my friend
Mellon(ea) Friend(s)
Ai’ atar Little father (An adult male dwarf)
Mela en’ coiamin Love of my life
Lirimaer(ea) Lovely one(s)
Voronwer(ea) Loyal one(s)
rwalaer(ea) Lusty one(s)
Beleger(ea) Mighty one(s)
A’maelamin My beloved
Aratoamin My champion
Mellonamin My friend
Melloneamin My friends
Arwenamin My lady (familiar)
Arwen en amin My lady (non familiar)
Heruamin My lord (familiar)
Heru en amin My lord (non familiar)
Melamin My love
Poikaer(ea) Pure one(s)
Aier(ea) Short one(s)
Hallaer(ea) Tall one(s)
Astalder(ea) Valiant one(s)
Elear Visionary
Hodoer(ea) Wise one(s)

~~~ Negative Endearments

Thaurer(ea) Abominable one(s)
Ruthaer(ea) Angry one(s)
Agaryulnaer(ea) Blood-sucker(s)
Morier(ea) Dark one(s)
Wethrinaer(ea) Deceitfull one(s)
Feuyaer(ea) Disgusting one(s)
Gayaer(ea) Dreaded one(s)
‘Ksher(ea) Evil one(s)
Beikaer(ea) Excessive one(s)
Gorgaer(ea) Fearful one(s)
Saurar(ea) Foul one(s)
Unguer(ea) Hollow one(s)
Kotyaer(ea) Hostile one(s)
Helkaer(ea) Icy one(s)
Engwarer(ea) Ill one(s)
Ascarer(ea) Impetous one(s)
Taraer(ea) Lofty one(s)
Goth(rim)amin My foe(s)
Ianter(ea) Old one(s)
Dinaer(ea) Silent one(s)
Usquener(ea) Smelly one(s)
Telcoer(ea) Stern one(s)
Nwalmaer(ea) Tormented one(s)
Avarier(ea) Unwilling one(s)
Lanner(ea) Wide one(s)

~~~ Battle Cries

Gurth goth(rim)lye Death to our foe(s)
Gurth goth(rim) Tel’Quessir Death to the foe(s) of the Elves
Gurth goth(rim) Tel’ Mithrim Death to the foe(s) of the Grey Company
Caela ie'lle Have at thee!
Amin khiluva lle a’ gurtha ar’ thar I will follow you to death and beyond

~~ Compass directions

Rhun East
For North
Har South
Numen West

~~~ Proffesions

Val’istar Archmage
Sereg’wethrin Assassin
Lindar Bard
Amandil Cleric
Taur’amandil Druid
Ita’istar Illusionist
Nim’ohtar Paladin
Taur’ohtar Ranger
Cam’wethrin Thief
Ohtar Warrior
Istar Wizard

~~~ Races

Rah’edan Centaur
Ere norsa Cyclops
Tel'gothrim Drow (Normal)
Mori’quessir Drow (When indicating respect)
Naugrim Dwarf
Norsa Giant
Nogoth Gnome
Mith’quessir Gray elf
Elandili Half-elf
Peredhil Halfling
Cala’quessir High elf
Edan Human
Ithil’quessir Moon elf
Glamhoth Orc (and yrch)
Ear’quessir Sea elf
Mith’quessir Silver elf
Amrun’quessir Sunrise elf
Taur’quessir Sylvan elf

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