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The Golden and Silver Age of Television

This site was created out of my love for television. Mainly the " unforgettable westerns" that blazed their way across the screen in the 50's, 60's, & 70's. Memories through t.v. guides, promo-kits, scripts, show memorabilia, and obituaries of some of our unforgettable actors and actresses.

Take the time to slowly scroll down the page before entering the site. I am sure you will find that the pictures will jog your memories of some of these shows of long ago. In the future I will be adding a message board where collectors of these shows can correspond with one another. Hope you enjoy the site and it's contents.....


Who could ever forget "The Real McCoys", "WKRP"," I Love Lucy"," Sanford & Son", Three's Company" and "My Favorite Martian".

Some of the best action -packed westerns that the Golden and Silver Age of  television ever had to offer. See how many of your favorites you can pick out in the above and below layouts.

Two of the sexiest cops that ever chased a criminal down the streets. Cagney & Lacey.


The Amos & Andy gang hanging out at "Mystic Knights of the Sea" Lodge.

The "Jeffersons"," M*A*S*H", "All in the Family", "Parker Lewis Can't Lose", "Leave It To Beaver", "Hogan's Heroes", and "Taxi", were some of the better sitcoms.


Ride 'em Otis

Ahhh!!! Can't Get Enough of Those Westerns..

Three of the "Different Strokes Gang" and was it a good show. Arnold could keep you laughing a long time.