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D'Spring: The Official Site


- Here it is D'Spring in all it's glory -

Manga Version

- D' a manga! Series 1 gets the artistic treatment in comic book format -

The Art of D'Spring

- Find within artwork depicting the main characters and more. All courtesy of our resident art student Emily -

Prologue - Character back stories

- From here you'll be able to read each D'Spring characters personal story of how they came to meet Stu and join him on his adventure to defeat the evil Suturatu -

What's New?

- A look into what's changed about the site since you last visited -

The Team

- In here you'll be able to see photos and perhaps learn a bit more about the people which help to make this site possible. Plus a background as to why D'Spring came about originally. (link not currently active)

Items which help the website

Now i know what you're thinking - why should I go back to the old message board or bother to spend my time telling a friend? It's not like they'll care. And why should i sign your guestbook?

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Ok firstly this is now where you can gain access to the good old message board well overdue a comeback. Thanks to this site the old message board has been born again, and don't you owe it to make at least one more post? Hehe.

Secondly, why should you sign the message board or tell a friend? Well I'll tell you why. I put a lot of time and effort into this site dammit - the least you could do is sign the guestbook! As for why you should tell a friend, well the more people that come here and click the link and register to that site, the more money me and Emily make. It only takes 5 minutes of your time and can help improve this site no end. Who knows, maybe even to a point where you'll want to come back as opposed to just being constantly pestered by me into coming here.

...Okay maybe not.

Links to other sites

inubuyakasha (42K)

- The amazing InubuYAKasha if you liked my stuff then you'll love this.

Links to sites i get paid for

Please click on this link and register as each time someone does I get a dollar, so if 15 people do it i'll have made enough to finally turn this site into so you won't have to keep typing out such long annoying addresses.