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The Tucker Ranch

This is the ranch house that was used as the Tucker Ranch on the movie Pure Country. All of the riding and roping scenes were filmed here as well as George Strait's second fight with the cowboy named Al who kept harrassing Harley. The red roof top in the far right of the picture is the area where Dusty asked Harley's brothers to give him roping lessons. The windmill used to stand in between the barn and the top of the silo that you can just barely see the top of beside it and to the right. I was told it was taken down after being damaged by a wind storm a few years back.

This ranch house is also located in Cresson, TX. However it is located on private property and is not open to the public. You must obtain permission before venturing onto the actual property. I took these photos from the side of the road. I have been on the actual ranch grounds a few years back, but unfortunatly I didn't have a camera with me.