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This is the town of Maypearl, TX. It was in this town that George Strait got his hair cut and ate in the cafe on the movie Pure Country. The hill in the background can be clearly seen on the movie when the truck driver is first driving in the town to drop George off.

This insurance office was used as the Barber Shop in the movie Pure Country. At the time it was made to look like a Barber Shop by adding a decal to the big window and a Barber Stripe pole to the left of the door. This building was white at the time the movie was filmed. It has since been painted.

Virginia Clark posing in front of the Pure Country Barber Shop.

Lucas posing in front of the Pure Country Barber Shop.

Another view of the Barber Shop taken from across the street. One of the insurance office employees told us that she was working there in the building while George was in town filming the movie.

The metal building on the left side of the street and the blue house in the background were both visible in the movie when George Strait crossed the street walking towards the Barber Shop. The blue house was white at the time the movie was filmed.

The Maypearl Health and Fitness Center now occupies the portion of this building that was used as the cafe in the movie. The insurance office employee we talked to told us that it was not really a cafe at the time the movie was filmed. She said a crew spent about three days turning the building into an old fashioned style cafe for the movie. After the movie was finished all of the cafe props were removed.

Virginia Clark standing in front of the Pure Country Cafe location.

Lucas in the same setting.

A view of the cafe location taken from across the street in front of the Barber Shop location.

Another photo of downtown Maypearl, Texas as it appears today.