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The Pennsylvania Raillroad Class M1, M1a and M1b Steam Locomotives. Another favorite among many Pennsy Fans. First built in 1923, The M1 and the later subclasses, the M1a and M1b saw service on the entire system. Orginally designed for dual Passenger and Fast Freight service, later years saw the entire fleet of 301 4-8-2's assigned to freight service only. Like most PRR Steam Locos, the M1 class saw upgrades to help performance. Many M1a Class were rebuilt to M1b's. These locos also outlived the experimentals that were built to replace them. Many lasting well into the 1950's. 1 PRR 4-8-2, M1b #6755 has been saved and can be seen at the Railroad Mseum of Pennsylvania at Strasburg, Pa.

Below is a sampling of Class M1 and M1a Locomotives

PRR M1 6805 Chicago, Ill. 8-6-39
PRR M1 6809 Chicago, Ill. 9-?-35
PRR M1 6806 Crestline, Oh. 8-5-39
PRR M1 6806 Chicago, Ill. 10-29-50
PRR M1 6813 Chicago, Ill. 1-1-37
PRR M1 6822 Chicago, Ill. 9-22-38
PRR M1 6824 Enola, Pa. 7-28-46
PRR M1 6826 Meadows, N.J. 11-15-36
PRR M1 6832 Conway, Pa. 8-9-39
PRR M1 6840 Harrisurg, Pa. 3-3-46
PRR M1 6848 Cleveland, Oh. 4-30-39
PRR M1 6852 Chicago, Ill. 7-24-43
PRR M1 6868 Phila, Pa. 5-8-37
PRR M1 6884 Harrisburg, Pa. 4-30-39
PRR M1 6892 East Altoona, Pa. 6-3-40
PRR M1 600 Chicago, Ill. 4-22-46
PRR M1 6903 Altoona, Pa. 6-24-40
PRR M1 6911 Chicago, Ill. 4-17-48
PRR M1 6924 Chicago, Ill. 8-6-39
PRR M1a 6757 Enola, Pa. 7-25-36
PRR M1a 6758 Meadows, N.J. 10-30-37
PRR M1a 6763 Canton, Oh. 10-13-35
PRR M1a 6774 Mansfield, Oh. 10-5-34
PRR M1a 6780 East St. Louis, Ill. Circa 1936
PRR M1a 6784 East St. Louis, Ill. 9-8-36
PRR M1a 6789 Orangeville, Md. 7-3-53
PRR M1a 6796 Lima, Oh. 7-16-46



First introduced on the Pennsy in 1925, the C1 0-8-0 Class Shifters were the heaviest of its locomtive type on any Railroad. Its intended use was for Yard switching. It was disliked among crews do to no lead truck. It soon fell out of favor with crews liking the H Class and later the I1 class for heavy shifting. The Pennsy built 90 of this class in its shops in Altoona. They saw service thru out the system. Again, this is one loco that was not saved. Most being scrapped in the 1948-1953 time period. Here is a dozen photos of this great looking Beast.....

PRR C1 #6553 Chicago, Ill. 9-4-32
PRR C1 #6555 Chicago, Ill. 6-?-45
PRR C1 #6558 Chicago, Ill 8-6-39
PRR C1 #6564 Baltimore, Md. 11-24-45
PRR C1 #6570 Wilmington, De. 3-7-37
PRR C1 #6581 Orangeville, Md. 11-25-37
PRR C1 #6583 Cleveand, Ohio 7-28-40
PRR C1 #6609 Wilmington, De. 4-15-47
PRR C1 #6612 Columbus Ohio 8-8-39
PRR C1 #6621 East Altoona, Pa. 7-1-40
PRR C1 #6622 Columbus Ohio 6-29-35
PRR C1 #6637 Wilmington, De. 5-23-37




In the late 1800's and into the early 1900's the Pennsylvania Railroad built several class types of light Atlantic 4-4-2 Locomotives. From the Class E1's E2's E3's E5's to the E'7s. All served their purpose rather well for the time. During this period they were the main power for passenger service. With the coming of heavier trains and steel cars, heavier locomotives were needed. When those new locos arrived ie: the heavier E6s Atlantic the K series Pacifics, these light Atlantics were downgraded for local service. Below is a small collection of E2a, E7s and E3sd Steamers.

PRR E2a #5082 Baltimore Maryland 8-29-16
PRR E7a #7315 New Castle, Pa. 5-?-33
PRR E7s #7377 New Castle, Pa. 7-?-31
PRR E7s #7907 Pittsburgh, Pa. 6-10-34
PRR E7s #8054 Valparasio, In. 5-3-38
PRR E3sd Altoona, Pa. 5-16-37
PRR E3sd #5046 Wilmington, De. 4-1-37
PRR E3sd #5066 Wilmington, De 10-2-25
PRR E3sd #5120 Youngstown, Ohio ?-?-19
PRR E3sd #5122 Phila, Pa. circa 1915
PRR E3sd #5122 Lancaster, Pa. 7-24-33
PRR E3sd #6011 Jersey City, NJ 9-18-27
PRR (PRSL) E3sd #6061 Camden, NJ 9-1-40
PRR (PRSL) E3sd #6061 Winslow Jct. NJ 8-8-41
PRR E3sd #6082 Lancaster, Pa. 10-14-36
PRR E3sd #6258 Oil City, Pa. 8-17-40




The Class N1s 2-10-2 Locomotive was developed in 1918 by the Fort Wayne Shops of the Lines West region. It was built mainly for one purpose. The hauling of coal and iron ore to and from the lake ports. Their travels found them mainly in this area. They did find their way as far east as Conway Yards near Pittsburgh with Mahoningtown being the main terminal. Many could be found stored there in winter months when the lakes were froze and ship traffic was closed. When not stored, some saw other minor duty. By 1950, many were already scrapped. None were saved for preservation. Here is a handful of pics that represent these locos well.

PRR N1s #7117 Mahoningtown, Pa. 8-13-47
PRR N1s #7128 Eie Pa. 9-1-35
PRR N1s #7150 Mahoningown, Pa. 7-?-31
PRR N1s #7220 Youngstown, Oh. 6-7-44
PRR N1s #7232 Erie, Pa. 8-2-39
PRR N1s #7245 Mahoningtown, Pa. 10-?-33
PRR N1s #7248 Mahoningtown, Pa. 4-19-34
PRR N1s #7331 Mahoingtown, Pa. 4-?-32
PRR N1s #7342 Erie, Pa. 9-16-28
PRR N1s 7345 Mahoningtown, Pa. 5-?-31
PRR N1s #7418 Niles, Ohio 10-14-44
PRR N1s #7481 Youngstown, Oh. 6-?-38
PRR N1s #7483 Ashtabula, Oh. 8-9-37
PRR N1s #7638 Mahoningtown, Pa. 5-?-32



PRR H8A #7537 Chicago, Ill. 9-9-37
PRR H8sc #7667 New Castle, Pa. 5-?-39
PRR H8sc #7673 Buffalo, NY 8-1-39
PRR H8sc #7673 Conway, Pa. 8-12-39
PRR H8sc #7674 Buffalo, NY. 6-6-39
PRR H8sc #8175 Alleg. Engine House 6-?-38
PRR H9s #5008 Phila. Pa. 3-21-48
PRR H9s #5009 Harrisburg, Pa. 7-4-37
PRR H9s #5051 Shamokin, Pa. 7-4-49
PRR H9s #5063 Wilmington, De. 2-18-39
PRR H9s #5102 Wilmington, De. 6-29-37
PRR H9s #5196 Phila. Pa. 11-21-37
PRR H9s #5230 Hagerstown, Md. 5-14-50
PRR H9s #5256 Delmar, De. 7-25-37
PRR H9s #6072 Wildwood, NJ. 5-12-41
PRR H9sa #7602 Ebenezer, NY. 8-1-39
PRR H9s #5008 Phila. Pa. 3-21-48
PRR H10s #7551 New Castle, Pa. 4-?-32
PRR H10s #7552 Northumberland, Pa. 9-20-56
PRR H10s #7680 New Castle, Pa. 9-20-41
PRR H10s #7688 Wilmington, De. 10-30-50
PRR H10s #7795 Camden, NJ. 7-23-50
PRR H10s #7800 New Castle, Pa. 4-29-37