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Hello, welcome to my Pennsylvania Railroad pages. Contained within these pages will be a Photo essay pertaining to the numerous classes of Steam Locomotives owned by the late, great Pennsylvania Railroad. These pages will continue to grow in time. Included will be a generous sampling of the most popular Steam Classes, ie: A5's, B6 and subclasses, C1's, D16 classes, E6s, H SubClass, I1-I1sa's, J1-J1a's, L1's, M1 M1a M1b's, N1-N2's, Q's and S's. You may be wondering why no K4s. Well, that Locomotive deserves a page all its own. It can be found here: PRR K4s Pages

Leading off with these pages are the G5s Ten Wheelers (most of the roster) and a nice sampling of the T1 4-4-4-4 Duplex's.

Keep checking back in time to see whats new. Enjoy the pics......





The Pennsylvania Railroad G5s. Between the years of 1923 and 1925, the Locomotive Shops at Altoona, Pa. were busy constructing the newest class of Locomtives. This new loco would be classed, G5s. 90 of these 4-6-0 Ten-Wheelers were constructed. Their main purpose was to haul commuters to larger city destinations. Pittsburgh Pa. was one of the heavy concentrations of G5's. Others saw service on Lines West in and around Chicago and Ft Wayne. and others in the Eastern Divisions at Philadelphia, Pa. and New Jersey. These were among the most Powerful (41,300+ LB. Tractive Effort) 4-6-0 Locos built, if not THE most. From when they were constructed and to the very end, very little was changed. No tender upgrades and no experimental gadgets. Luckily they also escaped the "beauty treatment" (reversed mountings of Headlight and Generator) of the post war era.

The Long Island Railroad also were owners of these Locomotives. In fact they had the PRR Shops construct 31 G5s's from 1924-1929, #'s 20-50. 2 LI G5s Locomotives surive on display and there are hopes to have one restored.

Of the 90 G5s's that were built for the Pennsy, only 1 survives. Number 5741 can be seen displayed indoors at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg Pa. Like the Class K4s Pacifics, the G5s Locos were favorites among many. Simple design, good looks and magnificent performance.


PRR G5s Specs:

Cylinders 24" x 28" ** 68" Drivers ** 205 lb. Steam Pressure ** Weight of Engine 237,000 ** Tractive Effort 41,330 Lbs.


Contained in this page dedicated to the PRR G5s, will be a photograph representing each of these Locos. Of the 90 G5's, I have a photo of most. I may need help in locating the Numbers I do not have. If you can help, please contact me.



PRR G5s #459 Pittsburgh, Pa. Circa 1930's (i)
PRR G5s #472 Columbus, Oh. ?-?-46 (c)
PRR G5s #508 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #698 Chicago, Ill. 3-?-41
PRR G5s #816 Valparaiso, In. ?-?-37 (i)
PRR G5s #833 Unknown Location Circa 1938 (i)
PRR G5s #987 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #1073 Sunbury Pa. Circa 1938 (i)
PRR G5s #1080 Parker Ford, Pa. 8-11-49 (h)
PRR G5s #1112 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #1567 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #1589 Northumberland Pa. 7-4-37
PRR G5s #1592 Phila, Pa. 2-?-41 (g)
PRR G5s #1594 Washington, Pa. Circa 1931 (i)
PRR G5s #1648 Chicago, Ill. 7-?-47 (g)
PRR G5s #1689 Ft. Wayne, In. 9-11-36 (i)
PRR G5s #1811 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #1844 Pittsburgh, Pa. 9-11-48
PRR G5s #1960 Oxford, Pa. 6-?-41
PRR G5s #1961 Trenton, NJ. 10-8-34
PRR G5s #1962 Ft. Wayne, In. 4-27-35
PRR G5s #1963 Unknown Location Circa 1940
PRR G5s #1964 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #1965 Unknown Location, Circa 1940
PRR G5s #1966 Kalamazoo, Mi. Circa 1930's (i)
PRR G5s #2216 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #2442 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #2754 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #2811 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #2830 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #2904 Pitcarin, Pa. 9-22-40 (Futura Letter)
PRR G5s #2920 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #3064 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #3108 Reading, Pa. 4-?-53 (g)
PRR G5s #3109 Pittsburgh, Pa. 7-1-39
PRR G5s #3117 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #3571 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #3576 Pittsburgh, Pa. 9-18-38 (i)
PRR G5s #3802 Burgettstown, Pa. 9-?-32
PRR G5s #3832 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #5700 Homewood, Pa. 5-?-49 (c)
PRR G5s #5701 Trenton, NJ. 11-21-48
PRR G5s #5702 Red Bank, NJ. 11-7-31
PRR G5s #5703 Meadows, NJ. 6-16-38
PRR G5s #5704 Camden NJ. 8-22-37 (d)
PRR G5s #5705 Seaside Heights, NJ. 8-10-37 (e)
PRR G5s #5706 Ocean City, NJ. ?-?-50
PRR G5s #5707 46th St. Phila, Pa. 8-12-37 (b)
PRR G5s #5708 Trenton, NJ. 10-17-37 (b)
PRR G5s #5709 Unknown Location, Circa 1940
PRR G5s #5710 E. Trenton, NJ. 4-?-34
PRR G5s #5711 Chicago, Ill. 8-2-47
PRR G5s #5712 Ft Wayne, Indiana Circa 1940's (b)
PRR G5s #5713 Unknown Location, Circa 1938
PRR G5s #5714 Trenton, NJ. 5-1-38 (b)
PRR G5s #5715 Phila, Pa. 11-7-37 (b)
PRR G5s #5716 46th St. Phila, Pa. 4-7-40 (b)
PRR G5s #5717 Trenton, NJ. 10-4-36
PRR G5s #5718 Harrington, De. 7-7-46
PRR G5s #5719 Lancaster, Pa. 7-2-36
PRR G5s #5720 28th St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 8-?-39
PRR G5s #5721 Pittsburgh, Pa. Circa 1939
PRR G5s #5722 Pittsburgh, Pa. 9-15-37 (b)
PRR G5s #5723 Unknown Location, Circa 1940
PRR G5s #5724 Camden, NJ. 6-9-38 (b)
PRR G5s #5725 Hurlock, Md. 4-23-46 (e)
PRR G5s #5726 46th St. Phila. Pa. 6-8-38 (b)
PRR G5s #5727 Ft. Wayne, Indiana 8-2-37
PRR G5s #5728 Freedom, Pa. 11-18-36 (i)
PRR G5s #5729 Alliance, Oh. 9-1-42 (a)
PRR G5s #5730 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #5731 Coshocton, Oh. 10-20-40 (j)
PRR G5s #5732 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #5733 Pittsburgh, Pa. 9-22-40 (f)
PRR G5s #5734 Canton, Ohio 5-?-39 (i)
PRR G5s #5735 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #5736 Emsworth, Pa. 9-?-49
PRR G5s #5737 Pittsburgh, Pa. 8-26-37
PRR G5s #5738 Pittsburgh, Pa. 8-27-35 (d)
PRR G5s #5739 Pittsburgh, Pa. 5-?-33 (d)
PRR G5s #5740 Pittsburgh, Pa. 9-?-31 (d)
PRR G5s #5741 Northumbrland, Pa. 10-20-57
PRR G5s #5742 Pittsburgh, Pa. 9-22-40 (f) (Futura Letter)
PRR G5s #5743 Pitcarin, Pa. 9-22-40 (d)
PRR G5s #5744 Greensburg, Pa. Circa 1946
PRR G5s #5745 28th St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 8-21-39
PRR G5s #5746 New Kensington, Pa. 5-13-45
PRR G5s #5747 Ridgeway, Pa. 9-4-46
PRR G5s #5748 Pittsburgh, Pa. 7-28-33 (d)
PRR G5s #5749 Pittsburgh, Pa. 9-?-31 (d)


In 1951 a handful of G5s's received new numbers. The original number and new corresponding numbers are listed below.

PRR G5s #1812 ex-#5700 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #1813 ex-#5701 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #1814 ex-#5704 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #1815 ex-#5705 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #1816 ex-#5706 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #1817 ex-#5709 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #1818 ex-#5710 "Need Photo"
PRR G5s #1819 ex-#5715 Pitcarin, Pa. Circa 1952
PRR G5s #1820 ex-#5716 "Need Photo"


Again, many thanks for the Photographers of the past who took the time to record these Locomotives on film. Represented here are (a) G.A Doeright, (b) T.M. Flattley Jr., (c) Howard Davis, (d) Paul Prescott, (e) William Grant, (f) Charles Winters, (g) Harold Vollrath, (h) Charles Brown, (i) William V. Russell, (j) Paul Dunn and also to the many unkowns.

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Like the PRR K4s, there have been Brass Scale Models of the G5s produced. In O Scale, Max Gray and Sunset Models. In HO Scale, Max Gray, Westside Models and Alco Models. Pictured below is an Alco Models G5s Import. The model is finished to show the look of the G5s at any point in it's service life.

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T1 #5513 and proud crew member at Rose Lake, East St. Louis, Ill. Aug 3, 1948


The Pennsylvania Railroad's class T1 4-4-4-4 Steam Locomotive. WOW! The highlight of the Altoona and Baldwin Locomotive Shops during the late steam years was the construction of 52 of these Greyhounds built for fast Passenger service. Early 1942, 2 "prototypes" were constructed. They were T1 #'s 6110 and 6111. The following 4 years saw the completion of the order, although these 50 T1's had a slightly different nose shroud. With the help of Industrial Designer Raymond Loewy, the T1's looked fast just sitting there. They routinely hauled Passenger Trains at high speeds in the flat lands of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. They saw service into the Harrisburg, Altoona, Pittsburgh and St. Louis areas as well. By the very early 1950's, the onsluaght of the Diesels was too much to warrant the continuation of the T1's. Sadly, no T1's were saved from the scrap torch.

Below is a nice sampling of T1 Photographs in the form of both Roster and Action type views. Thanks to the photographers of the past, the younger generations get to see the last of the great Steam Locomotives today.


PRR T1 5500 Dayton, Ohio Circa 1948
PRR T1 5501 Chicago, Ill. 3-1-46
PRR T1 5502 Chicago RR Fair, 8-17-48 (d)
PRR T1 5503 Valparaiso, Ind. 10-15-46 (e)
PRR T1 5504 Chicago, Ill 10-10-46
PRR T1 5506 Chicago, Ill. 5-1-46 (e)
PRR T1 5508 Harrisburg, Pa. 5-31-45 (a)
PRR T1 5509 Harrisburg, Pa. 11-24-46
PRR T1 5512 Harrisburg, Pa. 7-8-50
PRR T1 5513 Chicago, Ill. 8-11-46 (b)
PRR T1 5514 Chicago, Ill. 3-8-48 (e)
PRR T1 5515 Chicago, Ill. 3-2-47 (e)
PRR T1 5516 St. Louis, Mo. 10-4-46
PRR T1 5517 Fort Wayne, In. 7-?-46
PRR T1 5518 St. Louis, Mo. 8-3-47
PRR T1 5519 Chicago, Ill. 9-1-46 (e)
PRR T1 5523 Richmond, Ind. 7-?-48
PRR T1 5524 Harrisburg, Pa. 11-24-46
PRR T1 5526 Crestline, Ohio 10-13-46 (c)
PRR T1 5527 Englewood, Ill. 8-11-46 (e)
PRR T1 5527 Chicago, Ill. East Bound Manhattan Limited Circa 1948 (e)
PRR T1 5530 Pittsburgh, Pa. 7-17-48
PRR T1 5533 Chicago, Ill. 8-27-46
PRR T1 5534 Chicago, Ill 5-3-47 (e)
PRR T1 5535 Chicago, Ill. 4-?-47
PRR T1 5536 Crestline, Ohio ?-?-46
PRR T1 5537 Englewood, Ill. 11-6-49
PRR T1 5539 Chicago Ill. ?-?-46 (c)
PRR T1 5543 Huntington, Pa. 7-9-50
PRR T1 5544 Unkown Location Circa 1947
PRR T1 5545 Harrisburg, Pa. 8-15-48
PRR T1a 5547 Pittsburgh, Pa. 8-?-49
PRR T1 5548 Harrisburg, Pa. 4-25-48 (b)
PRR T1 6110 Pittsburgh, Pa. 9-8-43


Photo Credits: (a) William V. Russell, (b) Howard Davis, (c) Paul Prescott, (d) William E. Grant (e) Charles E. Winters




The Pennsylvania Railroad J1-J1a Class 2-10-4 Locomotives. Many opinions out there on this one. Many believe this to be the "best" Steam Locomotive the Pennsy owned. Probably true. Too bad it wasn't a Pennsy Design. During World War 2, the Pennsy found itself short on mainline, fast freight loco power. The War Board, not allowing newly designed Locomotives to be built, caused the Pennsy to "barrow" a prooven operating design. In steps the C&O T1 Class. The Pennsy used this Loco as the basis for the new Class J1. With newly built-in Pennsy features, this new loco soon took on the PRR looks. Solid Drop Coupler Pilot, Pennsy Style Tender, Oval Cab windows similar to the PRR T1 4-4-4-4 Class, etc. were features this new J1 class took on. These Locomotives showed what they were made for during the late war years and all the way to the end of Steam Operation in 1957 in and around Columbus and Sandusky, Ohio. Sadly, of the 125 J1-J1a Locomotives, none were saved.

Below are views of these locomotives. They served the Pennsy well......

PRR J1 6155 East Altoona, Pa. 9-18-50
PRR J1 6160 Columbus, Oh. 9-15-47
PRR J1 6171 Niles, Oh. 11-16-44
PRR J1 6442 Pitcarin, Pa. 5-25-57
PRR J1 6453 Chicago, Ill. 9-2-46
PRR J1 6454 East St. Louis, Ill. 1-8-50
PRR J1 6461 Chicago, Ill. 10-10-45
PRR J1 6468 Columbus, Oh. 10-?-55
PRR J1 6471 Unknown Location and Date
PRR J1 6473 Englewood, Ill. 9-20-51
PRR J1a 6403 Columbus, Oh. 5-5-57
PRR J1a 6421 Columbus, Oh. 5-4-57
PRR J1a 6425 Chicago, Ill. 10-?-46
PRR J1a 6482 Sandusky, Oh. 8-25-57
PRR J1a 6490 Chicago, Ill. 1-28-43
PRR J1a 6492 Sandusky, Oh. 8-25-57
PRR J1a 6495 Columbus, Oh. 11-?-59
PRR J1a 6498 East St. Louis, Ill. 11-7-49


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