The Beaver Valley Junction has aquired the former Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Station in West Pittsburg, PA. It is our intention to refurbish the building and make a showplace, featuring the heritage of our local rail history.
It is our futher intent to make it a centerpiece where other historical groups and the general public can meet and enjoy an atmosphere from a bygone era.
Built by the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie railroad at the beginning of the last century, this station was constructed in anticipation of the continued growth of that railroad and the steel industry and communities it served.
Located on CSX Transportation’s (Successor to the P&LE) mainline near the town of Wset Pittsburg, PA (no “h”), this staion continued to serve the community’s express and rail transportation needs until the end of passenger service on the P&LE in the eary 1960’s.
Later purchased by a private company in 1968, it served as a storage facility for many years. It’s current owner has reconized it for it’s historic significance, and has made it available to the Beaver Valley Junction for preservation.
This wood, stone, and brick structure saw as many as 60 passenger trains each day and every day. It’s uniquely light stained glass interior saw families come together and loved ones go off to war. Today, countless freight trains still pass by as this location continues to be part of a vital link in CSXT’s modern rail network.
The station is currently a diamond in the rough. It is structurally sound and has a modern furnace.
Inside, the main waiting room was once lighted by a large hanging stained glass mural. There are four large adjacent rooms which can easily be used as meeting rooms, for archival storage and display of historical documents and artifacts.
To date our greatest endeavor has been the acquisition, relocation and restoration of ex-Baltimore & Ohio “UN” Tower. The BVJ has shown it is capable of saving and restoring all types of railroad equipment and artifacts. Now the time has come to find a perminate home for the BVJ. The P&LE Station and surounding 4 acres of ground is a site that will allow us to display our historic items openly to the public.
Like UN Tower with the support of chapter members, local businesses and surrounding communitys the reality of a working museum is within reach.
To accomplish our goal, we need your help and support. Your tax deductible contribution will go a long way to see that our goal of aquiring, restoring and making this historic station a center of public pride and edcuation of our railroad heritage becomes reality.

Last Update: 04-01-05

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