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PRR K4s #5400 Wildwood, NJ 7-4-39
PRR K4s #5401 Pittsburgh, Pa. 10-9-38 (j)
PRR K4s #5402 Phildadelphia, Pa. 5-16-39
PRR K4s #5403 St. Louis, Mo. 4-19-36
PRR K4s #5404 Englewood, Ill. 8-20-37
PRR K4s #5405 Columbus, Ohio 6-?-32 (a)
PRR K4s #5406 Holidaysburg, Pa. 5-24-39
PRR K4s #5407 Meadows, NJ. 6-16-39
PRR K4s #5408 Wilmington, De. 9-20-34 (b)
PRR K4s #5409 Meadows, NJ. 11-15-32 (a)
PRR K4s #5410 Meadows, NJ 11-20-36
PRR K4s #5411 Delmar, De. 5-4-41 (b)
PRR K4s #5412 Sunbury, Pa. 11-10-37
PRR K4s #5413 St. Louis, Mo. 1-30-37
PRR K4s #5414 Altoona, Pa. 10-4-36
PRR K4s #5415 Pittsburgh, Pa. 8-3-34
PRR K4s #5416 Pittsburgh, Pa. 4-?-39
PRR K4s #5417 Pittsburgh, Pa. 2-14-37
PRR K4s #5418 Camden, NJ. 7-?-55
PRR K4s #5419 Pittsburgh, Pa. 4-23-39
PRR K4s #5420 Chicago, Ill. 8-6-46 (c)
PRR K4s #5421 Unknown location Circa 1940
PRR K4s #5422 Cincinnati, Ohio 9-8-35
PRR K4s #5423 Chicago, Ill 2-?-47
PRR K4s #5424 East St. Louis, Ill. 10-3-38
PRR K4s #5425 East St. Louis, Ill. 10-16-36
PRR K4s #5426 Wildwood, NJ. 8-8-48
PRR K4s #5427 Wilmington, De. 2-10-35 (b)
PRR K4s #5428 Harrisburg, Pa. 7-28-46
PRR K4s #5429 Unknown Location Circa 1948
PRR K4s #5430 Pittsburgh, Pa. 4-29-40
PRR K4s #5431 Pittsburgh, Pa. 8-29-39
PRR K4s #5432 Sunbury, Pa. 6-14-39
PRR K4s #5433 Pittsburgh, Pa. 7-1-39
PRR K4s #5434 Harrisburg, Pa. 5-16-37
PRR K4s #5435 Wilmington, De. 2-10-35 (b)
PRR K4s #5436 Philadelphia, Pa. 4-4-48
PRR K4s #5437 Philadelphia, Pa. ?-?-28
PRR K4s #5438 Meadows, NJ. 6-16-38
PRR K4s #5439 unknown location Circa 1938
PRR K4s #5440 Chicago, Ill. 5-16-48
PRR K4s #5441 Bay Head, NJ 10-2-49 (a)
PRR K4s #5442 Chicago, Ill 9-9-37
PRR K4s #5443 Wall, Pa. 10-10-37
PRR K4s #5444 Pittsburgh, Pa. 5-?-39
PRR K4s #5445 Erie, Pa. 3-5-37 (a)
PRR K4s #5446 Wilmington, De. 8-21-36
PRR K4s #5447 Pittsburgh, Pa. 5-21-39
PRR K4s #5448 St. Louis, Mo. 4-?-37 (a)
PRR K4s #5449 Washington, DC 7-25-33
PRR K4s #5450 Erie, Pa. 9-16-28 (a)
PRR K4s #5451 Canton, Ohio 5-30-49 (j)
PRR K4s #5452 unknown location, Circa 1940
PRR K4s #5453 Pittsburgh, Pa. 8-27-35 (a)
PRR K4s #5454 Pittsburgh, Pa. 4-23-36
PRR K4s #5455 Wilmington, De. 11-30-47 (b)
PRR K4s #5456 Wilmington, De. 2-20-39 (b)
PRR K4s #5457 Wilmington, De. 9-28-42
PRR K4s #5458 Wilmington, De. 7-17-37 (b)
PRR K4s #5459 Philadelphia, Pa. 1-?-47
PRR K4s #5460 Alliance, Ohio 8-27-42 (a)
PRR K4s #5461 Sunbury, Pa. 6-12-38
PRR K4s #5462 Alliance, Ohio 8-24-42 (a)
PRR K4s #5463 Harrisburg, Pa. 4-30-39
PRR K4s #5464 Pittsburgh, Pa. 9-21-39
PRR K4s #5465 Pittsburgh, Pa. 6-?-32 (a)
PRR K4s #5466 Columbus, Ohio 4-24-38
PRR K4s #5467 Pitcarin, Pa. 7-?-56
PRR K4s #5468 Erie, Pa. 7-18-33
PRR K4s #5469 Pittsburgh, Pa. 6-6-39
PRR K4s #5470 Alliance, Ohio 10-11-43 (a)
PRR K4s #5471 Meadows, NJ 3-13-55 (a)
PRR K4s #5472 Chicago, Ill. 7-18-48
PRR K4s #5473 Meadows, Nj. 12-12-54 (a)
PRR K4 #5474 Chicago, Ill. ?-?-41
PRR K4s #5475 East St. Louis, Ill. 10-6-36
PRR K4s #5476 Logansport, In. 9-5-37
PRR K4s #5477 Columbus, Ohio 6-?-32 (a)
PRR K4s #5478 Rose Lake, ? 6-?-32
PRR K4s #5479 East St. Louis, Ill. 10-4-36
PRR K4s #5480 East St. Louis, Ill. 5-30-49
PRR K4s #5481 Harrisburg, Pa. 7-28-46
PRR K4s #5482 East St. Louis, Ill. 10-3-36
PRR K4s #5483 East St. Louis, Ill. 11-11-38 (a)
PRR K4s #5484 Alliance, Ohio 4-10-47 (Disc Drivers) (a)
PRR K4s #5485 Columbus, Ohio 4-24-38
PRR K4s #5486 East St. Louis, Ill. 12-25-36
PRR K4s #5487 East St. Louis, Ill. 4-1-37
PRR K4s #5488 Englewood, Ill. 11-6-46
PRR K4s #5489 Louiville, Ky. 9-1-40
PRR K4s #5490 East St. Louis, Ill. 1-8-39 (a)
PRR K4s #5491 St. Louis, Mo. 4-19-36
PRR K4s #5492 St. Louis, Mo. 8-10-51
PRR K4s #5493 Chicago, Ill. 9-15-38 "250P75 Tender"
PRR K4s #5494 East St. Louis, Ill. 10-11-36
PRR K4s #5495 Chicago, IIl. 8-27-37 "250P75 Tender"
PRR K4s #5496 location unknown Circa 1938 (a)
PRR K4s #5497 Chicago, Ill. 7-29-50
PRR K4s #5498 St. Louis, Mo. 7-31-37
PRR K4s #5499 Chicago, Ill. 12-1-45
PRR K4s #7053 Alliance, Ohio 9-9-37 (a)
PRR K4s #7054 New Castle, Pa. 4-17-37 (a)
PRR K4s #7116 Ebenezer, NY. 5-18-39
PRR K4s #7133 Youngstown, Ohio 5-19-35 (a)
PRR K4s #7244 Beaver Falls, Pa. 4-26-38 (j)
PRR K4s #7267 Pittsburgh, Pa. 4-8-39
PRR K4s #7270 Pittsburgh, Pa. 7-28-33 (a)
PRR K4s #7273 Pittsburgh, Pa. 5-21-39
PRR K4s #7274 Pittsburgh, Pa. 4-22-36
PRR K4s #7275 Crestline, Ohio 6-?-32 (Hooded Tender) (a)
PRR K4s #7278 Pittsburgh, Pa. 4-?-38
PRR K4s #7279 Hammonton, NJ. 8-20-55 (a)
PRR K4s #7280 Pittsburgh, Pa. 2-15-34
PRR K4s #7287 Pittsburgh, Pa. 7-28-33 (a)
PRR K4s #7288 Erie, Pa. Circa 1936 (a)
PRR K4s #7914 Wheatland, Pa. 8-5-39 (a)
PRR K4s #7938 Long Island, NY 2-11-46
PRR K4s #8009 Pittsburgh, Pa. 6-11-39 (k)
PRR K4s #8068 Detroit, Mi. 7-17-33 (Hooded Tender)
PRR K4s #8085 Pittsburgh, Pa. 7-7-39
PRR K4s #8108 New Castle, Pa. 8-11-38 (a)
PRR K4s #8114 Youngstown, Ohio 8-10-38 (a)
PRR K4s #8122 Pittsburgh, Pa. 5-8-34 (Hooded Tender) (g)
PRR K4s #8137 Philadelphia, Pa. 10-?-47
PRR K4s #8157 New Castle, Pa. 5-12-32 (Hooded Tender)
PRR K4s #8161 Ashbury Park, NJ. ?-?-47
PRR K4s #8165 Alliance, Ohio 8-23-37 (a)
PRR K4s #8181 Altoona, Pa. 6-10-41
PRR K4s #8195 Cleveland, Ohio 8-3-39 (g)
PRR K4s #8212 Akron, Ohio 5-8-38 (a)
PRR K4s #8218 Pittsburgh, Pa. 8-27-35
PRR K4s #8225 Pitcarin, Pa. 6-25-39
PRR K4s #8236 Youngstown, Ohio 5-14-38
PRR K4s #8240 Alliance Ohio 7-1-39 (a)
PRR K4s #8242 Wheatland, Pa. 8-22-36 (a)
PRR K4s #8251 New Castle, Pa. 4-21-34 (Hooded Tender)
PRR K4s #8261 Pittsburgh, Pa. 5-29-39
PRR K4s #8278 Pittsburgh, Pa. 8-10-35
PRR K4s #8281 Pittsburgh, Pa. 9-27-34
PRR K4s #8309 East St. Louis, Ill. 4-10-37 (1st K4s to be scrapped after wreck in Pittsburgh, Pa. on Dec. 25, 1937
PRR K4s #8334 Rochester, Pa. 10-10-40
PRR K4s #8347 New Castle, Pa. 3-29-37 (a)
PRR K4s #8373 Altoona, Pa. 6-?-38
PRR K4s #8377 North Side of Pittsburgh, Pa. Circa 1936
PRR K4s #8378 Pittsburgh, Pa. 9-7-38 (Highest # K4s)


That completes the listing of the 425 Pennsylvania Railroad Class K4s Pacifics that were on the roster. Most of the variations are represented.


Many, many Thanks to the photographers of the past for recording these Locomotives on film. Especially, Paul Prescott (a), William Grant (b), Charles Winters (c), Harold Vollrath (d), Martin Flatley (g), E.P. Theleen (h), Howard Bedwell (i), Howard Davis (j) and William V. Russell (k). And also Thanks to the many unidentified photographers of days long ago who were fans of the Pennsy too.

Notes: (*) K4s #5334 Photograph as seen on page 2 used with permission from: The Denver Public Library, Western History Collection

****************************************** ***

Pictured below are a few artifacts from my Pennsylvania Railroad Collection. Being this is a K4s homepage I figured I would include these. The first item shown below is a PRR 3 Chime Locomotive Whistle. It was attached to K4s #5343 and also Class M1 #6998. You may also wish to here this blow. Just click on the photo below and your wish will (should anyway) come true. Make sure you have your speakers adjusted accordingly. To get the Whistle to blow, it was attached to a steam boiler and blown on 150 lbs. of steam pressure. A special adaptor was needed to do this. Enjoy the sounds! Please be patient while file loads. It may take several minutes.




Pictured here is several views of a Standard Low Craddle PRR Bell. This one was believed to be attached at one time or another, to K4s #5389. One photo of the Bell is shown the way I found it and the other shows the Bell restored. It is fully operable. About 60 lbs. of pressure is needed to get the clapper swinging. Click on the link below to hear this PRR Bell 



This next item is of one of the famous PRR Keystone Number Plates. The one pictured here is from K4 #958. The plate was fully restored prior to my ownership. This one still retains the 3 mounting lugs on the back side and remain full length. Lots of these plates had the lugs cut short when hastily removed from the Loco smokebox with a cutting torch. #958 was removed properly by unbolting. Please click on photo to view a larger one.


This item, sadly, is not part of my collection, but wish it were. This is a K4s Locomotive Headlight. This particular one is the modern Cast Headlight that was once worn on K4s #262. Good news about this one is it was purchased recently for the Long Island Railroad G5s 4-6-0 #35 resoration. Nice to see it going to good use!

PRR K4s Headlight



I just recently acquired a handful of original photographs of PRR Steam. They were all dated Feb 1960. The photos concentrate on a group of locomotives (H9, I1sa, L1s and a K4s) sitting in a scrap line in preparation to being cut up. Looking closely at the K4s and confirming later, it was none other the the very first K4s, #1737. Upon retirement in 1956 it was sent to Northumberland for preservation. Upon inspection it was soon found out that the loco was in such poor condition it was not worth saving. So the PRR found another K4s to be its stand in. #3750 was the K4s selected. Numerous things were switched between locomotives to turn the 3750 into 1737. It lasted that way for awhile. Later the real identity of the 3750 came out. What happened to the 1737 after this identity swap? Well it appears that the 1737 stayed in PRR hands, probably in Northumberland or Altoona for a few more years. Records show it was sold for scrap in Feb 1960. Where did it go? It went to Warren, Ohio to the Luntz Iron and Steel Co., a scrap company who's work was to get rid of such items as steam locomotives. Absolutely no signs of it being the 1737 were left. Gone was the keystone number plate of course as it was used to help turn the 3750 into 1737. Gone in the photos are the builders plates as well. I wonder were those went. Did the PRR place them on the 3750 too? Or did a railfan remove them while the loco was in this scrap line? Gone are the number boards in the headlight as well. But you can be sure, this is the very first K4s, #1737, waiting for its end.


My Brush with K4s 1361

I had seen 1361 on several occasions in the past while visiting Horseshoe Curve and riding Amtrak and one of the Reading Steam Excursions, but several days prior to the removal of the K4s from the Curve on 9-30-85, I had the opportunity to get up close, closer than normally allowed. While visiting the Curve I noticed the fence was partially down and several Conrail Employees fiddling with the Drive Rods etc. I approached them and asked some questions and was informed of the plan to remove the loco from the park for restoration. I was completly unaware this was in the works. Asking very nicely, and given permission, I was able to enter the cab for a photo op as well as another portrait near the pilot. Photos below. The K4s sure had seen better days but this was my only time to get close. Several days later I made plans to be in Altoona when it arrived for restoration. I had to stay one day extra as it took longer for the move to be done. I have since seen the 1361 in many pieces in it newest full restoration. I am hopeful to see it in service again.


Over the years Pennsy Modelers had plenty of HO Scale Model K4s's to choose from. Below are 3 examples of the famous K4's in model form. The locos pictured here are Brass Imports and they represent the K4 in 3 different versions. The first, (a PFM Model) is how the K4 would have looked from the late 1920's through the mid 1930's. The second model photo, (an Alco Models Import), represents the first of the Streamlined K4's. This is how the K4 would have looked shortly after the 1936 time frame. As delivered in 1936, the K4s #3768 Streamlined Shroud was painted a Dark Bronze color. This K4 did not last long in that color. It was later painted the standard Dark Green, almost Black, (as seen here) color as any other PRR Steam Loco. The Streamlined shrouding was removed a few years later. The 3rd K4 model seen below, (again, an Alco Models import) represents the Streamlined Shrouding that was applied to (4) K4s in 1940. This type shrouding allowed easier access for mechanics to reach vital mechanical parts during servicing. Again, these shroudings were painted in standard Pennsy colors. Removal of the shrouds began in the late 1940's. However, one of these K4's retained most of her shrouding until being scrapped in the early 1950's. Click on the small photos to view a larger photo.


That concludes my pages that are dedicated to the Pennsylvania Railroad's Class K4s Pacific. Thanks for stopping in for the tour and I hope you enjoyed your visit. Be sure to stop in once in awhile to see what I may have updated.....Gary....



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