(1:29th Scale--Scratch Built)

This Pennsylvania Railroad N5c Cabin Car represents one of the 199 of it's class that were built by the company shops in Altoona Pa. Very little prototype PRR Models are available in large scale. So to add something like this to my roster, I had to scratch build to get what I wanted. This is 1 of 4 Class Cabins that I have completed. The others being the N6b, N5b and N8 Classes.

The models are built to 1:29th scale. Construction is mostly of sheet styrene which was cut and or formed to shape. Iron Work is represented by Brass Angle, Rod and Wire. Under Body Detailing, Couplers, Trucks and Roof Walk are the only commercial products purchased to finish the models. For the N5b and N8, the Train Phone Antenna Masts and Receiving Discs are Resin Castings. Decals on this particular model were made for me by a fellow with an Alps Printer. Dry Tansfers were used on the other Cabins as well.

A half days work was also spent on the display base. With help from the internet discussion board PRR-FAX, I was able to gather specific info on tie spacing. I modeled a "Siding, Storage Track Rating". This meant 16 ties per 39' rail length. I finished the scene with cider ballast and bits of railroad debri and an overall rusty look.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my work, Thank You...