This model is of a fairly unique piece of prototype equipment. 4 of these "Bugs" were created using a Bloomberg Truck from an EMD Locomotive. A steel superstructure and platform was fabricated to carry 4 large sets of Locomotive Batteries and other electrical relays and contacts to power this critter. It can be operated by using the control box on the deck or can be operated by walking along side using the remote tether. See this photo:

  • Conrail Bug .

    This particular "Bug" was onced owned by Conrail and operated out of both Selkirk NY and Conway Pa's Conrail Yards. Since todays Locomotives are becoming larger and larger, CR/NS had no use for this anymore as the braking was not sufficient to safely move these new Locomotives in and around enginehouses. The Beaver Valley Jct Chapter of the NRHS are now the owners of this interesting piece of motive power.

    Since this Bug showed up at our site, I always wanted to model it. This was just the ticket for a large scale project. Easy and Fun to do. All that was needed was an EMD Truck, in this case, a USA Trains F3 Truck, Brass Wire and some Styrene. 3 Days after I started I had a miniature "Bug". The following photos show the finished project.