PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD Class N6b CABIN CAR -- A 1:29th Scale Project

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This PRR N6b Cabin Car represents my latest model and ongoing saga of my effort to complete a model of the prototype cabins found on Pennsy rails. I plan on having the N5b, N6b, N5c and N8 represented. To date the N5b is finished. The N6b found on this page is nearing completion.

On the PRR the N6b was the most abundent. They were built in the teens with many lasting thru the 1950's and a handful into the 1960's in MOW service. This car was of wood construction. I built my N6b of Evergreen V Grooved Sheet Styrene. Iron work was represented with Brass Rod. To aid in construction I used the plans from a 1/48 O Scale kit. I have built these O scale N6bs in the past so I knew how I wanted to go about constructing the 1/29th scale version. I converted these measurments into 1/29th dimensions. Construction went pretty easy. The Sides, Ends and Cupola Walls were drawn out on paper then transferred to the Styrene. These parts were cut out with an Exacto knife. Windows and doorways were then cut out. The Window Frames were "built up" from strip styrene and then glued into place. Once the major fabricating was complete all walls were glued together forming the basic Cabin. Roof was then installed and then the Cupola built in place. Roof Walkway, Chimmeny and bracing completed the roof. The floor is also made of sheet styrene. I used a thick wall styrene for added stability. The hardest part to construct was the steps. Again I used strip styrene of different sizes to accomplish this. They are delicate but seem to be OK once glued into place. The Iron work on the ends was tackeld next. Brass wire of different diameters and styrene flat strip pieces were used for all of this.

The only commercial parts purchased were the Trucks, Couplers, Brake Wheels, and Underbody details. For these underbody details, (Air Resivour, Triple Release Valve and Cylinder) I used the Aristo-Craft parts found on the Ultimate Series Box Cars. These are very nice parts!. I added the appropriate (close enough anyay) piping and brake lever/rods.

Once the Cabin Car was assembled it was time for a paint job. I wanted the look of the 1950's. This would include the large Shadow Keystone lettering scheme. Dry Tansfers from C-D-S played a big rule. However the numbers included in this set was not the type found on the cars of the late 50's. I have since located the proper ones and am waiting to apply them. Once applied the N6b Cabin will be complete. Photos of the finished model will appear soon.

I have decided to take on the PRR Class N8 Cabin Next. Once I figure out how to construct that streamlined cupola I can proceed.

I hope these large scale models inspires others to try there hand at scratch building. It really isn't hard to do. Just time consuming. But with some patience, experience and a little luck, models ike these can see service on your layout too, or like what I do, displayed as a static model.........Gary