PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD Class N5c CABIN CAR -- A 1:29th Scale Project

This is the 4th installment in a series of 4 PRR Cabin Cars that I have been scratch building in 1:29th scale. This class, the N5c, represented another of the all Steel Cabin Cars on the PRR roster. Built new starting in 1942, 199 (actually they constructed 200. One was destroyed very early in a wreck) of this Class was constructed. Very similar to the earlier N5b but built with the port hole widows and streamlined cupola. Also built with the ever present anti-collision posts for maximum crew protection. Many of these N5c's survived the Penn Central merger and went on seeing service with Conrail. Quite a few survive to this date, mainly in private hands, Historical Societies and or Museums. Lionel has helped make this car famous by producing 1,000's upon 1,000's for the model railfans. The N5c, in some form or another will be around forever.

Using the same basic materials and technigues I used on the N6b, N5b and N8, the N5c came to life fairly quickly. Again, Sheet Styrene for the major body parts was used. For details like the porch railings and ladders, Brass Rod was used. Collision Posts were fabricated of styrene into the shape of channels. 4 individual steps were also built up using styrene and then using a dremel tool I sanded the appropriate contours. Brake Wheel and Underbody Details consist of USA Train and Aristo Craft parts.

When it came to painting this N5c cabin I chose the simple early scheme this car had applied when built in 1942, although this car represents circa, the mid 1950's. Decals are made using an Alps Printer. I am very satisfied with what my supplier is accomplishing with these. (Photos of completed car will be posted when the project is finished)

Below is a listing of in progress views. From the early cutout body pieces to where the N5c is now. Hopefully within a month I can place this car on the completed list.

That concludes the goal I had set out to do. That goal was to build 4 PRR Cabin Cars in G Scale (1:29th Scale). They may not be 100% correct museum quality show pieces, but I believe they represent the PRR Prototype Cabin Cars very well.

My next goal, (now that I know what can be done with Styrene).......The PRR B6sb 0-6-0 Shifter. Thanks, Gary

. . . . . .