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Medical History 

Auckland Medical Historical Society

Auckland Medical Historical Society

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Medical History Museum


Jack Lovelock, Athlete and Doctor Graeme Woodfield

Snake Oil Medicine David Cole

Royal College of Surgeons Museum, London

John Hunter, X stereo pair

The statue of John Hunter, 1728-1793, founder of the Hunterian surgical musem, sits prominently in the Royal College of Surgeon's, London. Cross your eyes to see Hunter in three dimensions.

(Stereoscopic photograph by John Wattie. Click on the image for larger sizes)



Henderson and his donkey at Gallipoli, 1915

Photograph by Sgt. James G. Jackson (New Zealand) on 12 May 1915.

Lt. Richard Alexander "Dick" Henderson, New Zealand Medical Corps, carrying a wounded soldier on a donkey during the Battle of Gallipoli. It was used by New Zealand artist Horace Moore-Jones as the basis of a 1917 painting, "The Man With the Donkey. It was dedicated "to the memory of our hero comrade 'Murphy' (Simpson) killed May 1915".

Murphy was the donkey, originally used by the Australian, John Simpson Kirkpatrick, to rescue injured soldiers while under fire. Simpson had earlier lead donkey's carrying children on a beach in England. "The man with the donk" was killed by machine gun fire, but Lt. Henderson took over his donkey and managed to survive Gallipoli. Back in New Zealand, working as a teacher, Henderson became blind and sick, because of poison gas inhaled in 1917 at Passchendaele, France. He died in Green Lane Hospital, aged 63, on November 14, 1958.

Moore-Jones the artist was also a hero, who died from burns in 1922 after rescuing people from a Hamilton hotel fire.

See New Zealand Herald:
painting story



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