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Joshua in Dark Angel

Joshua Bow wow wow...

One of Kevin Durand's TV roles in the scifi genre has been the early canine Manticore experiment Joshua in the 2nd season of Dark Angel. Poor lad was pretty much kept in a basement because he didn't look fully human and only later escaped with the help of Max, the heroine of the series. Durand also played a character called Isaac in the 2001 episode "Two".

March: Just found this GREAT interview where he discusses being Joshua- and being him a bit too much at times. Had me laughing all through it pretty much, so it's definitely worth checking out at Great Big Dog". *kicks herself for not having found it before*

Dreamwatch: Every Dog Has His Day
Read what Kevin said about Joshua

These pics are from the Brasilian Dark Angel site. Click on the pics and names on the site to see more.

A little devil...

Looks-wise he sure reminds me of Ron Perlman's Beast from Beauty and the Beast, which I used to like a lot. I've also always been a dog person (cat by nature?), especially fond of big black dogs like the one in the following pic. I like outsiders and tragic figures and the more I learn about the character the more I like him, like it or not.

November: Finally saw Medium is the Message (Go Finland for a change, showing DA regularly every Tuesday) and yes, loved it. Two things went through my mind as I watched the painting of Joshua II, for example: "This guy is A) nuts, B) very good at what he does". An official thumbs up from me, though I still think Alec was much funnier in that particular scene. ;) Joshua is an utter sweetheart and I hope to see the earlier episodes once Britain catches up with DA. Fox could make things easier for fans of their shows and not always force them to wait years before releasing videos/DVDs, too.

A semi-review and thoughts about Medium is the Message

Hello doggie

One of my faves of Joshua. I've used pictures from so credit where credit is due. Thanks for getting all those Dark Angel screencaps on the Web for fans and people new to Dark Angel. All the current episode screencaps are from "Radar Love".

I also highly recommend the Teasers and other video clips at, the ones from Proof of Purchase, Boo (very funny) and Two in particular. And why oh why do I have to get an Error when I try and access Joshua's Dinner Party from the Berrisford Agenda? *sigh* They also have great pics if you want to browse some more.

From The Berrisford Agenda

MAX: No. You know what I mean. Just...just don't stare.
LOGAN: Oh, okay. Don't stare at the genetically-engineered part-man, part-dog guy. Got it.
MAX: He just...has weird...table manners. And...his hygiene's...a little questionable.

Might explain the fleas later on. Dogs. Over-excitable, sticking their noses where they don't belong, humping people's legs... Errr, forget I ever said that. Really. Seriously. Disturbing mental image ahoy. Argh! :P

The friends
Max and Joshua, both genetically modified.

Another one of Joshua

Nice profile, even with the prosthetics :P

I always did like well-read men... ;)
Can't tell you what he's reading I'm afraid, no idea if it was revealed in the episode either. Unless it's Little Women? may help you with that though. I owe them big time for all the following episode screen caps of Joshua. There's around 15-20 pics on each page (except Hello, Goodbye 3, with more) as I couldn't decide what I wanted and what to leave there.
Designate This
Designate This (2)
Proof of Purchase (Not active yet)
Hello, Goodbye
Hello, Goodbye (2)
Hello, Goodbye (3)
Dawg Day Afternoon
Freak Nation
More coming up as soon as I find the time. Thanks again and go check the site out, they've got tons more still even of Joshua, couldn't pick more than a portion to have here.

Dark Angel fans seem to have somewhat mixed opinions about Joshua, some even hating the character (and the 2nd season's themes in general). One of the nicest things someone wrote described him not as dog-boy but man-pup, loyal, trustworthy, teachable, eager to please, artistic and protective, someone she'd love to find in the real world, too.

I'm also sure the Simpsons quote I just ran into is totally unrelated to any of this but it's something I have to share in any case. So sue me. ;)

"Kevin keeps biting me" - Ralph Wiggum

Something from The Berrisford Agenda, his big dinner party

There's a couple of tiny quotes from the making of "Boo" from a Chat with Kris Pope I wanted to add, too.

"Lucky: Whose idea was it to guess "Idle Hands" during the charades game in Boo?
Kris Pope: We just shot out a bunch of alternatives and they chose that one. Kevin (Joshua) was cracking us all up constantly.

Yoss: What was it like acting with Kevin Durand in all of his makeup? Did he growl during your lines to mess you up?
Kris Pope: Kevin growls all the time. It's a game he plays---he likes to scare people walking by when we're on location. You can imagine what the reaction would be from someone who is unaware that we're filming a show.....

Reminds me of the guys from Circus of Horrors jumping at you from behind corners, totally unrelatedly. It's pretty funny if you're observing it from the side.

A wallpaper of Joshua by Ghost
From's Forum, Fanworks section. was the given URL for the creator but it seems to be down for now

Fanfic with Joshua
Big fella indeed...

Dark Angel episode guide

Click on the picture below to get to Dark Angel cast interviews (provided they work for you. Didn't for me).
Kevin, interview clip
There is a copysite at JamPonyExpress with the same videos as far as I can tell without seeing them myself.
Interview videos

More Dark Angel information to be found at:

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