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Welcome to the Kevin Durand fansite

My attitude to this? "If you build it, they will come." Mind you, if I now get to dream about Jim Morrison and a naked Injun (Joe)... Yesh. ;) I also keep hearing o/~ "Blame Canada" o/~ from South Park the movie in my mind half the time in connection to the guy.

Or in other words, my hopefully all-embracing site for the Canadian actor Kevin Durand. One which I renamed Pretty Whack in March '03. Go watch Joshua in Dark Angel if you've never heard the expression. As to why I chose it as the name instead of calling this the Treehouse or Durand's Domain or whatever else, it's 'cause I'm a regular Queen of Chaos and thus everything is pretty whack around here. Fans like "a buncha Tree-hugging hippies" a la Cartman and whatnot?
I've gathered bits and pieces of information and pictures to use here from across the Web and hope you return when I have more up and if nothing else, at least check his work out somewhere out there. Also watch out if you don't want to be spoiled about something you haven't seen yet, I love spoilers myself so tend to have as much information up as possible.
Except for his home address (even if I did have it, which I don't) and whatever some Jennifer has been asking for as of late. Get the message? If you want to email him and ask the same, go ahead, the e-address IS under Contacts you know. I'm SURE he'll answer such non-stalkerish questions with pleasure. < /sarcasm>

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Site created 24.8.2002, last updated 15.5.2004 -- Skiing photo from Celebritywinterfest
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I can't believe the site's been up for nearly two years. Wow. Time's flown by so fast. Major thanks for everything, people, it's been fun and hopefully it'll continue to be fun (despite my apparent lack of time way too often :/ ) for a long time still :)
Please check out the message board for some info, had to stash some of it there for now as the antique local library PC crashed 90% of the time I tried to do something sensible on Lycos... Early days information

Please leave a note and let me and others know what you think about Kevin's work:

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As you know, you can never be too sure about things on the Internet so I feel I need to give some sort of an explanation about my source(s). I can't be 110% sure whether or not it's actually Durand I've got email from but considering the fact that the first contact was in late September '02, it'd've been rather a long hoax if it was going to be that. In addition, I got a warning about Taken way ahead, plus those 2 great big promo pics, so I'll let you judge the rest for yourself. I don't want to be a questionable source so you need to know where things stand.
I owe a thousand huge THANK YOU's to the guy, if for nothing else than the fact that he's doing a great job and there's something to have a site about. He's been incredibly considerate bothering to keep me informed, can't express my gratitude enough. You have no idea how thrilled I am about the whole thing in the end.
I'd also like to thank all the other people who've sent me either information or photos or some other tips about the man and to all the people who've kindly given me permission to use their material on the site. The site wouldn't be here without you.

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