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Sensitive and touching - full of the lacerating pain of a lonely and eternally waiting soul dreaming for a romantic affair and eternally so. This is the hallmark of the poetry of the tragedy queen. Still Meena Kumari, the star of indian cinema, Pakeezah, Saheb Biwi aur Ghulam and Baiju Bawra, was very positive when it comes to poetry as many of her inspiring pieces prove it. Deeply inspired by nature, this classic indian actress wrote sad urdu poetry and she expressed her feelings through nature and had a lot of sensitivity. Her poetry and sad urdu poems are the evidence of her eternal wait till the end. This website has no option but to include her poetry and her sad urdu poems.

Here I have tried to put as much of her poetry as possible for me. Please scroll down.

Romantic / Posivtive
Sad / Melancholic
Love! (Ah! Mohhabat)
Love! (Mohabbat again!)
Broken heart
Khidki (The Window)
The Romantic loner -I
The Romantic loner -II (
The tough traveller -I
The tough traveller -II
The Past (Mera Mazi)
The Past II (Mera Mazi II)
Memories II
Loneliness I
Loneliness II
Loneliness -III
Loneliness IV (The silent lover)
Loneliness V
Loneliness -VI

Personally I do not support the fact that she was only sad and melancholic. Actually her romantic poetry is really beautiful and fresh.

Meena Kumari was one who could as she had a special love for good things in life and poetry was one of them. She would jot down the romantic moments that touched and they were accumulated all through her life. After her death, they were passed on to Gulzar. 

Meena Kumari liked poetry of faiz ahmed faiz and many other Urdu poets of this subcontinent.

When she was alone most of the time after her divorce with Kamal Amrohi, she made poetry her only escape. Meena Kumari wrote beautiful poetry.  which is there to last and will keep alive the person. 

She also recorded some of her poetry in an album called "I write I recite". She used to write with the penname of Meena Kumari 'Naaz'. And she is no mean poet.  Openly and beautifully expressing the wounds that life gave, her blend of Romantic and sad is uncomparable. 

Melancholy, pain and sadness are evidently clear in her poetry. She liked pain and lived into it and her poetry is no exception.  Her experiences and loneliness are clearly visible in her writngs which are full of this suffering and pain. Her own feelings toward life are clearly put forward in her poetry. She was a person to see the thorns first and flowers next and the same is projected in her poetry. 

She also recorded some of her own poetry in her own voice which was released under the name of I write I recite by EMI.

  Chand Tanha hai assman tanha
Yeh Raat Yeh Tanhai
Other Poetry

Image of Meena Kumari

She wrote about her memories , though sad, with her pen-

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