Meena Kumari lives on in many ways. The first and the most obvious reason is her films which are more than 90 in number. Such a large contribution in such a small life!

She lives in filmefare awards. She was the person who got the first ever best actresses award in the history of Filmfare awards.

She lives in her beautiful poetry.

In the late 1960s, when her life was slowly betraying her, she did not betray life and she encouraged many a newcomer into the trade. That is one more way she lives to eternity.

Does a person like her die ever? The body may die but does the personality? The beautiful face might have gone back into soil she came from but does the inner beauty? The person may go but does the poetry? No. Simply because, she is more than herself and she forms a part of many things when it comes to phenomena.

I have to think a hundred times before a link about on this page leads to me and still hesitate to put it here. The reason is simple - what am I in such a great life. All that matters in the phenomenon called Meena Kumari is her viewers and admirers. And that is who is important here. My task ends at just creating the website and maintaining it. It is just a little more - in the way of presentation and in the way such a big life is justified in this small place measured in megabytes. Therefore I am just trying to focus her for the purpose of her admirers and lovers. And I find it a great task.

One of the happier feelings is to get an email from a person at the contact me button - sometimes admirations and criticism and at other times, both being equally important. This way I can understand what is actually the true spirit of Meena Kumari as you are the person who knows it.

It goes naturally that this place belongs to you and Meena Kumari and I am just the messanger. I like that role of a messanger between two beautiful personalities and that is my satisfaction.


r Raj