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Film tips


På min sida som jag just nu håller på att jobba med ska jag snart ha lite olika roliga eller snygga bilder!

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Jag ska även både ge lite film tips och hjälpa till med lite fusk för er fegisar som inte kan klara er på egen hand i ett spel!!
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Ni ska ochså få veta lite mer om mig och mycket mycket mer!!
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Men tills vidare får ni bara sitta framför era datorer och vänta tills min underbara sida blir klar!! /Martin
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I shall never forget you, the best of all there it is.
I remember when I lick your cold lips.
You never kissed the priest, you never drank the blood of Jesus but your still like the holyghost for me.
Then something happens. It kill, KILL. and they take you away from me........Our FEELINGS

But when the witches burn the priest. When the ancient ones return.
When the demon take the nuns down too hell with horns of dark desire,
You maby get the feelings back for me!

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Love is all about lern to fly.
First you fly high then you fall verry hard.
But if you lern to fly you will feel free.
You only had to fly ones. When you mede it you will fly forever. But if you fall you try to stand up and try again.It is not easy but you had to, for not be unhappy.

I have not lern to fly.......Yet. but I will. I know that some one out there are waiting for me. I am not alone to not flying. There is always anyone out there. Maby is my partner standing infront of me. Maby my partner is verry far away, But she is out ther I know that.

So stand up and dont cry for wats hapend yesterday. You must try to fly. Maby you will fall again but when you fly you will feel like you are the bird in the blou sky forever. That feeling must be wonderful, and to feel it all the time is my big dream. I know that you feel the same.
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