Our Edgar Rice Burroughs' books come in two types of texts: Magazine texts and Newspaper texts. All of our books are fully illustrated. They measure 6x9 inches in size. The hardcovers come with a dust jacket. None of our books use the censored and rewritten Ballantine Books' texts.

Hardcovers and Softcovers of the First Edition texts can be found at ERBville Press. Facsimile reprints of the magazine versions can be found at PULP TALES PRESENTS.

A brief word about the differences in texts. When a Burroughs' story was first published (usually in magazine form), it generally followed the original manuscript text. Of course, editors did make some changes (and a few made a lot of changes) in the text. When the First Edition book was published, Burroughs normally, at least in the early years, made changes to the text in an effort to make it a better reading book. When the stories were syndicated/sold to newspapers, the early stories were somewhat edited down in order to make the story appear in a certain amount of space. Usually, there wasn't that much editing. One of his stories appeared in a newspaper before publication anywhere else (The Man-Eater). Many of these newspaper stories had illustrations, rarely seen, which were done by artists, mostly, other than the ones who illustrated the magazines and books.