Beal Family
Ray "Crash" Corrigan
with John and Richard Beal,
early 1950's
(from the Beal Family collection)

I remember that Crash came riding in on his horse and walked right up to me and asked if I'd like to have my picture taken on his horse. As soon as he lifted me up on the horse he gave me his gun to hold on him. What a thrill and a treasure to remember this very generous man. He was truly larger than life! (from the Ed Thorpe Collection)

Martinez Family
Dennis Martinez and his twin sister, circa 1954
(used by permission of Dennis Martinez)

The Chandler Family in 1962:
Don and Carol on Flash, Chief White Eagle, Shirley, Crash, and Bonnie
(from the Bonnie Chandler collection)

Maceiko Family
The Maceiko Family
(l to r) Sharon and Vern Maceiko on the horse,
their cousin Ray Strazdus, standing next to the horse,
Elaine DuPont, and their parent's, Mary and Bill Maceiko
(from the Vern Maceiko collection)

Jesse James Jr., Elaine DuPont, Wyoming Pete, and Crash in 1958
(from the Keith Edwards collection)

Crash with Julie Woods taken in July 1952.
(used by permission of Bud Reeves)

Crash with Clarence "Clem" Schwab (used by permission of Larry Blanks)

Ricky Saunders with his hero at Corriganville in the summer of 1952
(used by permission of Richard Saunders)

Jacqueline Lamp with Ray
(photo by her husband, Edward Lamp, and used by permission)

Susan Fisher with Crash Corrigan
(photo by Susan's father, used by permission of Cindy Taylor, Susan's daughter)