CP Entertainment Books

When will I receive my contract?

If your proposed book is a good fit for us, we will let you know. If we feel there needs to be a change in your book, we will let you know. And if we do not feel your book is a good fit for us, we will let you know. After we have decided to publish your book and have received the final draft of the manuscript, we will then send you the contract for signing.

What are the terms of CP Entertainment Books contract?

A sample of your contract is available here. For print books, our minimum royalty rate is 50% of net receipts. For e-books, we pay 90% of net receipts.

When do you pay royalties?

The standard royalty period is January 1 to December 31. Payments are sent out by the end of the following February. Royalties may be paid on a quarterly basis: i.e. January to March paid in May, April to June paid in August, July to September paid in November, and October to December paid in February). Whether you receive an annual payment or a quarterly payment is up to us, but most authors will receive the quarterly payment.

Royalties (specified as "net receipts" in your contract) are calculated on paid sales. For every dollar we are paid for the sale of your book, you receive a percentage of that amount. If your contract specifies 10%, then if we receive $50, you are paid $5.

Do you offer advances?

Because of the nature of the business of selling entertainment books, we do not offer advances.