Wizard of Baum Publishing
Welcome to our L. Frank Baum (and Oz associates) publishing web site. We will be reprinting his fantasy works, such as "The Wizard of Oz" series, "Dot and Tot of Merryland", and "The Master Key", under our WIZARD OF BAUM imprint (as well as the Oz books of Ruth Plumly Thompson, John R. Neill, and Jack Snow. Other of his works, such as the Teen Novels ("Aunt Jane's Nieces" and "Mary Louise") and his Adult Novels ("A Fate of a Crown", "The Last Egyptian", etc.) which have been published through our sister imprint, Pulpville Press, will remain Pulpville Press books for the time being until we have a chance to convert them to the Wizard of Baum Publishing imprint. All of Baum's books published by us under both imprints will be available at this website.