FH Books

What types of books does FH Books publish?

FH Books is an independent publisher of fiction books written in the style of the old pulp magazines.

Do you publish non-fiction?

CP Entertainment Books does not publish non-fiction. However, our companion imprint, CP Entertainment Books, does. Check out their web site here. So, if you have a scholarly book about pulp fiction or its authors, give CP Entertainment Books a chance.

Will my book be in bookstores?

Brick n morter stores probably will not carry your book on their shelves, but they will, almost always, special order them for their customers. Our main business is internet retail. Our books are carried by all major and most minor internet bookstores, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Does it cost to publish with FH Books?

No. We do not take any payment from authors. Your only expense is the cost of providing a complete manuscript and any necessary illustrations and permissions.

Does FH Books offer advances?

Because of the constraints of publishing pulp related material, it is not possible for us to offer advances.

Do I need a bibliography?


Does my book need an index?


Do I need to send a hard copy of my manuscript?

Only if requested. We will work from the electronic manuscript you send us.

What about the book’s title?

Along with your manuscript, send us a title or several titles. While we will be the final judge of what the title shall be, most times we will use the one you supply.