The John Ford feature film "Stagecoach" was filmed at several locations. Below is a photographic look at the sites with screen captures from the film along with descriptions of the locations.

This is the RKO Encino Ranch Western Town where the stagecoach arrives to pick up passengers.
When the stagecoach departs from Encino, aka Tonto, it enters Monument Valley.
When the stagecoach stops to pick up John Wayne, it is at the Iverson Movie Ranch in Chatsworth.
Then, it is back out to Monument Valley.
The stagecoach arrives at the first relay station on the Lower Iverson, near the Garden of the Gods, at the Iverson Movie Ranch.
Departing from Iversons, the stagecoach again enters Monument Valley.
The stagecoach then arrives at the second relay station (actually the same set as the first one, just a different camera angle) at the Iverson Movie Ranch. The Garden of the Gods rocks can be seen in the background.
The stagecoach departs from the relay station, heading in a third direction from the only relay station set for the movie (at the Iverson Movie Ranch).
The stagecoach arrives back at the relay station after seeing Indian signals and find the station burned to the ground (still the Iverson Movie Ranch).
Next to the relay station at Iverson Movie Ranch at Chatsworth is a river that Andy Devine takes the stage to so the horses can get a drink of water (and wade across shortly thereafter. The river is at Kernville (the Kern River), three hours north of Chatsworth.
After crossing the Kern River, the stagecoach again enters Monument Valley.
Then they travel through Beale's Cut near Newhall, California.
Then it is out onto the Luzerne Dry Lake, east of Victorville, California, for the Indian attack.
After being rescued by the calvary, the stagecoach ends up at Lordsburg, really the Republic Studios backlot.