JUMBO COMICS #1, September 1938

This is a slightly downsized reprint of the very first comic book published by the original Fiction House publishing company: JUMBO COMICS #1, September 1938. It featured the following comics, originally printed in black 'n' white on colored paper: PETER PUPP, HAWKS OF THE SEAS, BOBBY, PUZZLE PHUN, THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, SPENCER STEEL, THE DIARY OF DR. HAYWARD, UNCLE OTTO, STARS ON PARADE, JEST LAFFS, PEE WEE, SHEENA QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE, MODERN 'PLANES AND MODEL BUILDING, GILDA GAY THE MODERN GIRL, PUZZLE PHUN, LOST IN THE ARCTIC (text story) by Owen Finbar, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SHERRILL, ZX-5 SPIES IN ACTION, HEROES OF SPORT, ISLAND OF GOLD (text story) by Capt. Dennis Drake, JUMBO JIM'S PRIZE PARTY, INSPECTOR DAYTON, WILTON OF THE WEST, and JEST LAFFS.

Jumbo Sized Softcover:
8.27 x 11.69 inch
68 pages
ISBN 978-1647204396