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About Us
Our first show started with a public access show with a couple of skits, some friends doing songs here and there, interviews, & fun stuff.

Some performances really took off like Megan Schlutzmeyer's Young and Single Song of Thanksgiving, Jocelyn Coombe's Princess of Oblivia and Thushari's Cultural Dances with a Sri Lankan-American Flavor. And we were on our way... somewhere

In the beginning, Mike Yates, a film maker and Rich McManus from Adelphia,who has his own show Harvey Milk Man, helped us get the show on the road so to speak.

Now a variety of people participate in the process. It will always be a work in progress.

We hope to expand the show into other entertainment markets:online as well as other media and produce other works such as short film.

Our primary purpose is storytelling. And our focus is to treat artists/actors/performers with integrity. There are all types of people with diverse abilities, and we hope to help them showcase their talents.

Now Live Jelly creates a variety of online content.

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