Helen Keller Photograph

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Helen Keller seated in a chair in front of a window, while reading a braille book on her lap with her left hand. Ms. Keller is wearing a long, white dress. Circa 1904.
Helen Keller seated at a desk touching a blueprint. Polly Thomson stands beside her using the manual alphabet to discuss the blueprint. There is a mirror in the background. Circa 1954.
Helen Keller seated in an armchair in front of a fireplace playing checkers with Polly Thomson. The checkerboard rests on Ms. Thomson's lap. Circa 1956.
Helen Keller seated next to a radio, with her left hand on its speaker. A bookcase and a vase of flowers are in the background, and a rug made from the skin of an animal is in the foreground, at her feet. Circa 1927.
  Helen Keller, dressed in a formal dark colored suit and hat, stands next to a phonograph at the AFB headquarters in New York, New York. Her left hand is placed on the top of the phonograph and her right hand is poised in the air. Circa 1944.
Helen Keller has removed the glove of her right hand to examine some plants and flowers outside of a building with large white columns. Polly Thomson spells into Ms. Keller's gloved left hand, describing what Ms. Keller is touching. Circa 1951.
Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan in sequined vaudeville costumes. Helen stands while Anne sits in a chair, reading from a book and spelling into Helen's hand. Circa 1920.
  A still from the motion picture "Deliverance" showing Helen Keller, her mother, Kate Keller, and her brother, Phillips Brooks Keller, with their hands affectionately joined. They are standing outside, with trees and a bush in the background. Phillps Brooks is dressed in a military uniform. Circa 1918.
  Portrait of Miss Keller with Polly Thomson, Anne Sullivan and Charlie Chaplin taken while Miss Keller was in California to make a silent film. Miss Keller is reading Miss Sullivan's lips and Mr. Chaplin is sitting by her side, circa 1918.
  Photograph of Miss Keller with Evelyn Seide and President John F. Kennedy, circa 1961.
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