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The X-files CCG

The truth is out there is used in a very spectacular way in this game. Although there is severe hatred against the makers of this game and the way they misused the trust of the consumer. The game in itself is pretty brilliant.

This game is simple in it's basic game form, it's challenging in the advanced gameform and at all times is this game great fun.

The game is based upon the principle of the well known board game 'Clues'. In that game you can venture into rooms and ask if the opposition has a certain character and a certain weapon and that room. Here the concept is similar. Mulder and scully go to certain locations, and depending on the locatrion, they can ask for a method or a motive or a result or a affiliation clue. By asking the right questions you will be able to narrow the possible X-files until only one remains, and by accusing the opponent of the X-file the game is won. It is the oppositions task to thwart the chance of asking the questions by using adversaries, bluf cards and events.

To get started you will need at the very least one starterset. You need one because the needed agents and X-files are only in starter sets, there are in total 4 different startersets. With later expansions agents became available through the boosters.

Let's start by looking at the card types.

The following card types are available:
By clicking on the card, you'll see a larger version of the same card


This type is essential, each player needs to select one as his X-file. There are five events around every X-file and five options within a event. You will already guess this, each card has a unique combination. The trick is to find each others X-file.




To solve information on locations so that you may ask a question on this option you will need agents. Each agent has it's own strengths and weaknesses. Exploit the strengths to get the job done. Added to this are the resources, each has a certain amount of resources. The stronger the agent the more you can do.

As you can see Scully has a resource of 7 (quite high), and very high ratings on Medical.



The root of the game. Agents must visit these places so that they can ask certain questions. The problem is that certain locations allow for a certain type of question, so going to the right location is adamant in getting th X-file solved.

In the sample on the left you can see that by solving this site you can either ask a AFFILIATION question or a RESULT question. To do this you need ALIEN INVESTIGATION or EVIDENCE COLLECTION to be 5 or higher.



A witness can be a great thing to have. They often contribute in getting certain tasks done, they also assist in getting the needed points for a location.

Dr. Berenbaum will aid a team in getting a additional BEHAVIORAL point. At times a little help helps, and Mulder didn't complain in that episode.



Your opponent is not idly sitting there allowing you to solve his X-file. He can throw adversaries at you, some can be dealt with easily, others requires a good amount of agents to stop, some adversaries are just unstoppable without proper equipment, and in a few cases your on your own.

This one is actrually quite dangerous. Darin has a long range of 8 which is very high he can split it on opponents effectively damaging a large part of your team if he puts his mind to it.



To aid a agent in his task requires often more then a friendly voice. flashlights are often needed to see thing, in other cases a back-up tape or a shotgun can do wonders. However there is nothing like a medi-kit to keep yourself alive at times.

In this case the card add's to the skill check. Very handy indeed.



A card employed by both sides. One to get his way, the other to stop him from getting there. Some are a rouse others come with a bang. The effect of some cards is decided by a roll of the dice. Luck is not a factor. In this game we call it fate.

This particular card makes things a lot more expensive for the opponent. This is one way of limiting his actions.



As the series evolved through a series of events, so does your game. Events are for better or for worse. It's your decission to trigger a event. However the enemy can use these events as well, not always in your benefit. Some Events are so powerful that countering them is not only useless, it is impossible.

This card is very handy in adding agents to your team. It often sets you back a turn, but the benefits can be sooo lovely.



At times it will come to a blow between the agents and their adversary. When that happens they slug it out. Two of these cards together with our friend Darin and you can effectively put his team out of commission for several turns. As you can see this card doesn't work on all agents, however we have a few other cards that take care of them.



Click on the X-files card below to get the menu so you can look at the moves in a few sample games. The choice options will appear on the right side.

The second X-file icon icon will take us to a few tricks and tips, some general information on the X-file cards, as well as a few killer combo's. Perhaps they are newe to you, perhaps not. However feel free to use them.

Here is a 'near' complete listing of all the cards in the game. I am still working on the list so you might have to come here more often to get a more uipdated list of the game. I still have to add the set to which each card belongs. There are a few specials mentioned. I tried to get as much information where they came from, also there are a few cards that i got named from others. Mainly because i do not own them myself. Such is life.