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Monday 6/23/03

Weclcome to my site!

Today is the grand opening of my site, I hope you enjoy it.

Ive been meaning to make a site for a long time, and now here it is.
This site is still being under construction so please be patient,
I will include pictures, sounds, graphics, casts and much more, enjony!
I am a huge fan, if not the biggest of Jurassic park, to see how I became
a diehard fan Click Here

Monday 6/23/03

Happy Bithday JP!

It has been 10 years, since the greatest movie ever released, JP!

I can still remember when I first saw it ::tears up:: To think
I would be sitting here today at its 10th anniversary! I mean have
you ever seen a movie this good? This was and still is my all time favortie movie, experience
nothing will ever come close! To celebrate the 10 years go toDans JP Page there you will find
"JP Memories" to read and share!