John Carpenter's Halloween
John Carpenter's Halloween Series Scripts-
Halloween II- The Nightmare Isn't Over!
Halloween 4- The Return of Michael Myers
Read more on the P. cut in the Halloween 6 Section- The Producer's Cut, Also the script is at the bottom to download.
Halloween 666: The Origin Of Michael Myers
Halloween 7- The Revenge Of Laurie Strode
Halloween 6- Producer's Cut Clips
Halloween 5 Flash Back
The Final Sacrifice
-The Scene shows The Halloween 5 flash back where Jamie is taken by the Man-In-Black.
-The cult ceremony where we find out who is the father of Jamie's Baby.
Unfinshed Buisness Part 1
Unfinshed Buisness Part 2
-The end scene which shows Loomis taking care of unfinshed buisness.
-Part 2 of the end of Producer's Cut , The scene shows Loomis with the curse of Thorn.
Halloween 8- Michael Myers.Com (First Draft)
Halloween 5- The Revenge Of Michael Myers
John Carpenter's Halloween (TV Version)
Tommy and Michael
-The missing scene where Tommy Stops Michael using the power of Thorn.
Halloween Theme for Nokia Phones
-The Code for the Halloween Theme to be entered in to you nokia composer.
Halloween Theme for the Piano
-The Halloween Theme for the Piano.
Halloween: Resurrection- Laurie Scene (Official Version)
In the release of Halloween: Resurrection, Halloween 8 we have 8 new desktop background wallpapers to download for your computer.To download them is very simple just click on any of the background wallpapers pictures to enlarge it then just save it on to your computer or just click on "Save As Wallpaper" If you wish to use any of these on your website please ask me in an e-mail with the subject "Halloween 8 Wallpapers"
The Myers's Home Video
Halloween: Resurrection- Alternative and Cut Footage
Alternative Ending
-This scene taken from the very start of the movie, it shows the Myers family from the 50's
-The movie had many different ending this is just one of them, this is from the Homecoming version.
Halloween: Resurrection- Desk Top Wallpapers