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The Student's Guide to Rocky Horror

Yes, one student's guide, that student being me. I don't promise miracles, I don't promise your sequins won't fall off, but I will keep adding to this page as I make new things. Please note - these are how I made or sourced my costumes. You might want yours to look different. These aren't costume rules, so experiment a little!

Cast list:






***NEW!!!*** Ebay watch on Xanga


* Have a go at making your own costumes - it's very rewarding.

* Use Saffy's costume pages to buy stuff from.

* Use Ruth's Anal Retentive Rocky Horror Site.


***Saturday 10th February 2007***54596

Important update on the Ebay Xanga page, as detailed below:
Stop Press!
There are some amazing Rocky costume pieces on Ebay at the moment. I should know - I put them there!
Up for grabs are a Columbia bustier (size 8-10), Columbia choker,  a basic Magenta Timewarp dress (size 8-12) a Janet cardigan (size 10-14), Janet pink dress (size 8-12) and Janet lilac proposal suit (size 8-12). The latter two items were made by Saffy, so you know that they're top quality. They're on at a pretty low bid at the moment, so good luck if you bid.

***Tuesday 9th December 2007***53654

I've added some directional information on the Character navigation pages after a suggestion from Maggie-Bob - see, I do listen to you all! The Ebay Xanga has been updated.

***Wednesday 3rd December 2007***53500

I've completed both the Columbia and Janet Janet sections (bar Floorshow and wigs) and made the main character pages easier to navigate. I'll be doing the same to all character pages. I've also linked to the Ebay Xanga from the main page.

***Tuesday 2nd December 2007***53477

Wow. I leave this site here resting for a couple of years and 40,000 views later, I return. I can't believe it's been used so much by so many. Thanks for the great emails that you send - I try to respond to everyone. I'm going to try and maintain this a little better, starting with a big simplifying revamp. Huge apologies to those of you who are colour blind who've had to highlight the entire page to read it in the past!

***TUESDAY 5TH NOVEMBER 2002***8848

Ebay Watch page has been updated. I'm trying to do it every Monday and Thursday (did it yesterday, only got round to typing this today).

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