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Horse Fame Announcements:
  1. New 2011 movie: War Horse is about a horse in the British-American war drama film directed by Steven Spielberg and is intended for release in the United States on 25 December 2011 starring Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irvine, Emily Watson, David Thewlis.

  2. New 2011 movie Cowboys & Aliens -spaceship arrives in Arizona in 1873, to take over the Earth, starting in the Wild West region. Movin On Livestock Stuntmen / horse owners Jack, Clay, & Clint Lilley involved making this movie starring Harrison Ford & Daniel Craig

  3. The new IMAX Disney movie called The Young Black Stallion will be released Chistmas Day 2003. The story begins the early life of the black stallion as a colt original story by Walter Farley's son Stephen.

  4. The new Seabiscuit Movie debut July 25 2003 at a theater near you.

  5. A New version of the Flicka epic opens nationwide on October 20, 2006.

  6. Shannon's Rainbow, a true story made into a movie about the rehabilitation of a Standardbred racehorse may be released in 2009. Shannon's Rainbow is based in part on the true story of the harness racing horse Keys Star. Star was glue factory bound in the mid 1990's when Joe Mowod who worked at the Meadows Race Track intervened to nurse the horse not only back to health but to the winners circle as well.The production has been filming at the Meadows harness race track in Pittsburgh PA during the summer 2008, cast includes Claire Forlani, Lou Gossett, Jr., Eric Roberts, Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen, George Lopez, Jason Gedrick, Steve Guttenberg, and Charles Durning.

  7. The famous race horse Secretariat now has a movie by Disney, (2010) Secretariat, will be released on October 8th 2010.

  8. The Montana native cowboy, horseman with horse scense, a true horse whisperer- Dan M. Buck Brannaman- his life is featured in this documentary called BUCK by CEDAR CREEK PRODUCTIONS in U.S. Theaters June 17 2011 a selection of the 2011 SUNDANCE film festivalThe documentary website: Buck's website

  9. Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum located in Victorville, California has moved April 2003 to new home in Branson, Missouri midway in the heart of the USA. This will give even more people a chance to visit that could never make a long trip to California. website: Roy Rogers / Dale Evans museum Branson Missouri - Grand Opening June 20th 2003. The museum has closed. Auction July 2010 Sold Trigger, Trigger Jr. & Buttermilk.

  10. Wild Horse and Burro Adoption -