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This Page is completely dedicated to the spells and enchantments that are used in a combination of all three Harry Potter books. I am quite aware that there must be some spells I have missed, and some meanings I might have messed up. If you do find I do not have a spell, or hacve made a mistake, please e-mail me at please title it "Spell mistakes" Thanks.

ACCIO - Summoning charm
used when: Harry needs his Firebolt in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament

ALOHOMORA - opens some locks of doors
used when: Escaping Filch, Hermione uses it to open the door where Fluffy is

APARECIUM - revels invisible ink
used when: As Harry tries to discover how Tom Riddle's Diary works

AVADA KEDAVA - deadly curse that kills any living creature instantly. Will be given life sentence in Azkaban if used.
used when: Harry's parent's are killed (Harry only one to survive this ever!)

BANASHING CHARM - Opposite of summoning, it banashes objects
used when: In Flitwick's class they practice on pillows

CRUCIO - (Cruciatus curse is unforgivable) inflicks torture on another living being like no other pain in the world.
used when:Harry faces Voldemort in Book 4, and when Moody teaches them the unforgivables.

DENSAUGEO - Enlarges things (like teeth)
used when: Malfoy cursed Harry, but missed and made Hermione's teeth grow bigger than a Beaver's!

DELETRIUS - An erasing spell
used when: erasing Prior Incantatem at the Quidditch World Cup from Harry's wand.

ENERVATE - Wakes you up if you've been stunned
used when: Krum is stunned in the forbidden forest

ENGORGIO - makes things big
used when: Moody shows the Cruciatus Curse and enlarges the spider so the students can get the affect.

EXPECTO PATRONUM - how to fend off dementors
used for: Harry learns to fend off the dementors because he blacks out when they come around

EXPELLIARMUS - disarming spell
used when: confronting Lockhart about the chamber of secrets

FERULA - for wrapping bandages
used for: in the Hospital wing

FIDELIUS CHARM - A complex secret keeping charm
used for: The Potter's used Wormtail as their secret keeper

FURNUNCULUS - a spell to put ugly boils on someone's face
used for: When Harry and Malfoy deul outside the potions class. (Thanks to for the tip)

IMPEDEMENTA - Slows Thinks Down
used when: Harry uses it in the maze of the third triwizard Tournament

IMPERIO - (The Imperius Curse) an unforgivable curse that puts one under complete control of another.
used for: When Moody demonstrates all the unforgivable curses, Harry is good at fighhting it off

IMPERVIUS - A repelling water curse
used for: When Harry's playing Quidditch and he can't see, Hermione puts it on his glasses

INCENDIO - For ligghting a fire
used for: killing the Devil's Snare when they go through the trapdoor

JELLY-LEGS - Turns one's legs into jell
used for: when Harry's practicing defense spells, Hermione can easily break it with a jelly-legs spell

LOCOMOTOR MORTIS - Leg loccking curse that snaps your legs together
used for: when Malfoy curses Neville and Neville hobbles up to Gryffindor Tower.

LUMOS - A flashlight-like spell
used when: Harry & Ron are in the Forbiden Forest following the spiders

MORSMORDRE - Summons dark mark
used for: When Crouch summons dark mark at Quidditch world cup.

NOX - puts out LUMOS spell
used when: whenever someone uses LUMOS they have to use NOX

OBLIVIATE - Used to clear someone's memory
used when: Lockhart tries to clear Ron and Harry's memeory after telling them his books are all scams.

ORCHIDEOUS - Makes a bunch of flowers appear at the end of your wand
used when: Mr.Olivander is checking Fleur's wand

PESKIPIKSI PESTERNOMI - Stops pixies being destructive
used when: First of Lockhart's classes when he lets the pixies loose, but he can't get the spell to work.

PETRIFICUS TOTALUS - The total body bind
used when: Neville confronts Harry, Ron and Hermione before going to the trapdoor

FOUR POINT SPELL - Points your wand North.
used when: Harry's in the third maze task

PRIORI INCANTATEM - Reverse spell effect
used when: Harry and Voldemort's wand try to battle

QUIETUS - Make svoice quiet after Sonorus
used when: After Bagman comentates at the Quidditch world cup

REDUCIO - Reduces the size of something
used when: Moody reduces the spider after demomstrating the unforgivable curses

RELATIO - Defeats Grindylows, and gives them red splotches
used for: In the second Triwizard task by Harry to ward off the grasping grindylow

REPARO - fixes things
used for - fixing Harry's glasses

RICTUSEMPRA - Tickling charm
used when: Deulling club, Harry hits Malfoy with it

RIDDIKULUS - Confuses a Boggart, and defeats it
used when: In defence against the dark arts with proffesor Lupin

SERPENSORTIA - Makes a snake appear
used when: Malfoy and Harry deul at the deulling club

SHEILD CHARM - Casts an invisible protection around the spell caster
used when: Harry's practising for the Triwizard Tournament

SONORUS - Makes voice booming loud
used when: Bagman is comentating at World Cup

STUPEFY - Stunning spell
used when: Dembledore finds the fake Moody with Harry alone in his office

WADDIWAS - Makes things fly out of tight spaces
used when: Peeves is inthe way of Proffessor Lupin

WINGARDIUM Leviosa - Makes things fly
used when: In class Hermione shows Ron How to do it properly.

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