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Updated February 22, 2003

Hello and welcome to the newest section of my site, my Hercules and Xena Playground. Before I was a fan of Buffy, there was Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. In fact, you can blame my obsession with music videos on them. At the time I didn't have the software or hardware to make videos for these shows, but now I do. In my search for more music videos, I was disappointed to find there were hardly any Hercules videos, so I will hopefully start a trend. If you have come here looking for subtexty Xena and Gabrielle videos, you won't find any. But if you love Iolaus, Ares, Autolycus and the rest of the guys as much as I do, you'll feel right at home. I will be updating as often as I can, while keeping up with my Buffy music videos. Any and all feedback on the videos is appreciated. Just send me an email, even if you just want to chat. Thanks for visiting!

Holly Lynn

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