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Ron Davis

As well as being a world-class abstractionist, Ron Davis is the creator and godfather of the comprehensive site, a fabulous repository of abstract artists, abstract art facts and explanations, leading the tyro to a complete understanding of abstraction and its stimulating visuals.

Davis has used perspective illusion -- the illusion that the painting as a whole is a solid object seen in two-point perspective from above -- to relieve the pressure under which, within that situation, the shape of the support (or literal shape) has come to find itself. The limits of Davis' new paintings present themselves as the edges of a three-dimensional entity rather than of a flat surface; and in fact it is virtually impossible to grasp the literal shape of paintings like Six-Ninths Blue and Six-Ninths Red just by looking at them. (One is forced, so to speak, to trace their limits and then see what one has.)

David Novak

My paintings have no direct translation, that I know of, into the medium of words. There are no clues or signs embedded for someone to search out and gain access to a specific story. Producing visual literature is the furthest thing from my mind while I am at work in the studio. I investigate what can be empathized through seeing. Color, line, and mass carry this message. The specific effect of lines, the unique appeal of colors are precisely what they are and as they are seen.