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Meet The Artist

Mr. Herriott's artistic background is inherited through his mother Jay Herriott, who, at 95, paints and teaches oil painting actively in St. Catharines. His Grandfather, Justin Herriott was renowned in Chicago as a political cartoonist and a fine painter whose work hangs in the chicago historical society.

He has studied the works of and collected the following through the auspices & provenance of the Blair Laing Gallery of Toronto, Ontario and the Dominion Gallery of Montreal, Quebec with Dr. and Mrs. Stern.

His collection has included these world-class artists:

Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson, Reg Butler
Pericle Fazzini, Marino Marini, Giacomo Manzu, Emilio Greco
Zao-Wou-Ki of Paris, Jean Arp, Max Ernst, Sarah Churchill
A patron & Collection of John Gould Drawings
Inuit Whalebone of Cape Dorset & Granite of Tuktoyukyk

Herriott's Credo Theory is to have an idea...solid thinking behind every work of art. Each drawing is carefully conceived and structured prior to the final painting.

He begins with working drawings of the concept and once satisfied with the scale, dimension, and composition proceeds to transfer from the working drawings to the large-scale on large canvas or fine heavy paper.

Herriott Bases his concepts upon basic forms and astronomic influences, the cube, the sphere, the triangle, ellipse, hexagon, octagon. He loves the beauty of the ical, pyramidal. Abstract shapes and forms, drawn, painted and shaped in deep perspective, with the effect of the dimensions of the forms evolving from the returning to attempt to disappear into the painting.

These forms and abstract hardedges structures are enhanced by the uses of unusual colours, in fact, he has been influenced by the faded beiges, greys, browns and blues of Art Deco and Art Nouveau, though still using the large hard colours of red, yellow, orange and black in his abstracts. He is currently painting highlights of using metallic coppers, bronzes and silvers on his abstracts which, energize them with a subtle gleaming life. Even in the most subdued natural light, the paintings in fact have the effect of separating themselves from the wall, in their own dimensions.

Mr. Herriott's Abstract art is represented by important galleries
and can be viewed at his residence/studio on appointment.