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KINGDOM SPECIAL ABILITY: (Reptile) Re-roll 1 failed healing die per Healing Phase.

Chameleon Skin, Energy Blast

Impaler Horn, Spiny Hide, Damage Resist: Energy (-1), Damage Resist: Kinetic (-1)

Rankor is a nasty monster from deep outer space. Some evidence collected by the MCCC suggests it comes from near the Glactic Core in our Milky Way Galaxy. Rankor is instinctively drawn towards conflict and war, so it didn't take long for the monster to find Earth (a planet brimming with conflict). Rankor possesses some unique powers rarely seen before in "standard" monsters. Rankor has met up with Berzerker Fury a couple of times. Neither side can say they walked away with a victory.

1. RANKOR x ZIATH: A gruesome battle, with both monsters taking an extreme amount of punishment. It was a slaughter of a showdown, but a slaughter on both sides of the coin. WINNER: Rankor.

2. RANKOR x BERSERKER FURY: Rankor's biggest nemesis to date! Berserker Fury took everything Rankor threw at it, and fired it all right back! Most of the city was demolished when these two locked horns. WINNER: Draw.

3. RANKOR x BERSERKER FURY-II: Another total smackdown of a battle. Only this time, the MCCC was smart, and baited both of them to the desert outside the city. A lot of ranged attacks going back and forth, but Rankor held the advantage whenever he used his Impaler Horn during a Ram Maneuver. WINNER: Rankor.

4. RANKOR x NEMESIS: It's true what they say about predators, there's always a bigger one out there some where. Nemesis arose from the deep of the Atlantic Ocean, and proceeded to hand Rankor his @$$. Rankor was quickly dropped by the monstrosity Nemesis. Last seen, Rankor was heading towards the South Pacific, to lick his wounds. WINNER: Nemesis.

This model is from the "Diablo Series-2" action figure line. It is of the monster Diablo. It just SCREAMS giant monster, so I went ahead and shelled out the $14 for it. Kind of high-end for a gaming model, but well worth it!