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Let's face facts: Godzilla, Rodan, Gamera, and Mothra (just to name a few) aren't the only giant monsters that roam the Earth. Think back about 65 million years (give or take a few million years), and we had our very own living monsters! They were called the Dinosaurs.

These rules will allow you to re-create what might have taken place all those eons ago. Please keep in mind that these are only "house rules", they are not official rules of any kind. As such, you are free to tweak these rules to best fit your games. We'll start with the 'thunder lizards' themselves, then move on to 'cavemen'.

1. The following Kingdoms are allowed for dinosaurs: Amphibian, Mammal, Ornith, Reptile, and Benthic.

2. The following Powers are allowed. These Powers are allowed for nearly all Kingdoms. Some basic dino logic may need to be applied (i.e. no Benthic dinos with Flight powers, etc.). The Powers are as follows: Burrow, Fly, Leap, Zip, All Amphibian Powers, Slime Blast, Camouflage, Poison Sting, All Mammal Powers, Eagle Eyes, All Reptile Powers, Invincibility, Signature Roar, Statistic Boost, Cling, Super Burrow, All Benthic Powers (Benthics only), Peaceful Scent, Squawk, Enhanced Healing, Super Strength, and Threatening Display.

3. Meltdown rules are not used.

4. Additional Atomic Generator rules are not used.

5. Buildings are not used.

6. The following Terrain is allowed: Fire, Lava, Sludge Pool, and Tar Pit.

*These rules assume that you have possession of Military Rules from GMR2:WW.

1. Use Infantry military stats.

2. The only two options allowed are: Close Combat Weapon (club), and Commander (tribal "cave chief").

3. The only weapon allowed is a "Crude Spear" (Range=Thrown*, Damage=1, One-Shot Weapon).

*Can be thrown the attacker's Strength + 1d10".