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Gamera trilogy pictures

Gamera trilogy pics
Most of these pics make great wallpaper.
How do I make these images into wallpaper?
It's easy! just right click on your mouse and select "Save as background". Then, go to your computer's "control pannel", then "display", and then stretch it out when you get to the desktop background settings.

Gamera: Giant monster mid air battle

  • Official Japanese poster for Gamera 1.
  • Gamera spins like a flying saucer in persuit of Gyaos.
  • Gamera chases after Gyaos at sunset.
  • Gyaos flies over Tokyo Tower.
  • Gyaos over Tokyo Tower at sunset.
  • A far away shot of Gyaos nesting on Tokyo Tower, blended with a live action shot of Tokyo.
  • Gyaos sits on it's nest on Tokyo Tower.
  • Gamera bites Gyaos' leg as Gamera and Gyaos fight in a mid air battle over the Earth.
  • In a mid-air battle, Gamera bites Gyaos' leg.
  • Gamera absorbs the surounding fires to form a massive plasma fire ball in order to destroy Gyaos.
  • Gamera fires his massive plasma ball at Gyaos in a huge explosion!

    Gamera 2: Advent of Legion

  • Official Japanese poster for Gamera 2.
  • The soldier Legions swarm all over Gamera.
  • The Mother Legion battles with Gamera, alowing the Legion flower to prepare to launch it's seed in Sendai, Japan.
  • Gamera tries to destroy the Legion Flower, but he realizes it's too late (Check out the facal expression!).
  • The Legion flower explodes, but Gamera jumps on top of it, preventing it's launch into space. However, the blast is strong enough to completely destroy the entire city of Sendai, Japan.
  • Gamera dies!? Gamera's body silhouetted at sunset in the now ruins of Sendai, Japan.
  • Gamera begins to awaken after the blast.
  • The Mother Legion reproducing new soldier Legion.
  • Gamera flys at full speed to confront the Mother Legion.
  • Gamera pushes back Legion.
  • Looks like the Mother Legion is pissed off at Gamera.
  • Legion's final attack against Gamera.
  • Legion attacks Gamera with her energy whips.
  • The Mother Legion, in all her glory.
  • Gamera's ultimate atack... the mana blast!
  • Gamera flies away.

    Gamera 3: The revenge of Iris the evil god

  • Official Japanese poster for Gamera 3.
  • A Gamera graveyard.
  • A close up shot of a decaying Gamera skull from the Gamera graveyard..
  • Great shot of Gamera 1999.
  • Large picture of Hyper Gyaos.
  • Gamera hits a Hyper Gyaos with a plasma ball.
  • Hyper Gyaos ,after being hit by one of Gamera's deadly plasma balls.
  • A wounded Gyaos shouts it's last cry as Gamera sends it to a fiery demise.
  • Baby Iris.
  • Ayana hugs baby Iris.
  • After Ayana hugs Iris, who is lost in a forest searching for her, Iris puts her into a state of hypnosis and starts to grab Ayana and bring her back to his cave.
  • Iris places Ayana in his cocoon inside his cave in an attempt to fuse with Ayana.
  • CGI Iris trashes the country side in Nara, Japan.
  • Adult form of Iris.
  • Profile of the adult Iris.
  • Iris chases after 2 jets.
  • Iris decends to Kyoto.
  • Ayana watches as Gamera falls down to Earth to battle Iris.
  • Gamera vs. Iris.
  • Another picture of Gamera vs. Iris.
  • Adult Iris and Ayana.
  • After getting Gamera out of the way, Iris attempts his fusion with Ayana a second time.
  • After waking up from her state of hypnosis, Ayana desperately runs away as Iris starts to fuse her inside his stomach.
  • Iris stabs through Gamera's shell.
  • Gamera... dead!?
  • Gamera fires a plasma ball at his hand to get rid of Iris draining his energy.
  • Upclose shot of Gamera's damaged hand.
  • Gamera uppercuts Iris' stomach with his flaming fist.
  • Gamera looks over Iris' dead body.
  • A swarm of 1,000,000 Hyper Gyaos from all over the world fly towards Kyoto.
  • Gamera, marching out of the burning ruins of kyoto station.

    Gamera cameos

  • In the hit manga / anime, Dragon Ball , Gamera made a short guest appearence. Here, Master Roshi calls "Baby Gamera" to fly him to fry-pan mountain. (Page 1)
  • In the hit manga / anime, Dragon Ball , Gamera made a short guest appearence. Here, Master Roshi calls "Baby Gamera" to fly him to fry-pan mountain. (Page 2)

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