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The latest news on GAMERA 4: The truth
Please note this is not an offical Gamera film nor is it an offical sequel to Shusuke Kaneko's Gamera trilogy, this is just a fan-made film which takes place after Gamera 3.

GAMERA 4 offical site! Go here to see CGI and suit animation shots (Japanese only, but still has some good pictures.)



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Here are 2 pictures advertising Gamera 4



Gamera’s Limited Return!
After putting a new "spin" on the Gamera mythos with a highly acclaimed trilogy of films (1995-1999), director Shusuke Kaneko and Daiei Motion Picture Company went on to other projects. While Gamera’s story had been told and the saga completed, fans still clamored for more. Now, after a four-year hibernation, the fire-breathing reptile is back in a short film that is seeing limited release in Japan.
GAMERA 4: TRUTH (the official title) is an original story. It was written, produced, edited and directed by a traditional Japanese storyteller (Rakugaka), Shinpei Hayashiya.
Hayashiya, one of Gamera’s most enthusiastic fans, took it upon himself to create this fan-made featurette. He loved the Heisei Gamera series, but was unsatisfied by the way it ended, with Gamera heading off to face a hoard of approaching Gyaos. There were many Gamera short stories on the Internet, but no actual films, so Hayashiya took it upon himself to create one.
Although the budget was miniscule, the results were heralded as impressive; not only by fans, but also by many of the people who worked on the official Daiei versions! Hayashiya’s Gamera and albino Gyaos suits were made out of cardboard and the effects done on a computer. He also elicited the help of Rapid Progress, a group of fans that were responsible for the independent series LINE. Line was a giant superhero that battled creatures ala Ultraman in direct-to-video, low-budget episodes in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Together they turned out a 45-minute film on a budget of roughly $2500.00.
To give this a feel of an actual sequel, Hayashiya was able to recruit actor Yukiro Hotaru, who among his many roles, appeared in all three Gamera films. In Gamera 4, he returns in the same role that made him a fan favorite.
A preview of the film was held at the Tokyo E.R.O. Hall. Fans, as well as some of Gamera’s original filmmakers attended the screening. A surprise appearance by Kazuo Yagi, who played Gamera in the Daiei movies, along with the actual suit from GAMERA 2: ADVENT OF LEGION thrilled attendees.
Everyone spoke highly of GAMERA 4 and were quite surprised that one individual, on such a small budget, could create something this good. After the show, there was an interview session with many of the people who worked on the Gamera trilogy. Many were worried that after this, fans would have much higher expectations if Daiei ever did decide to make an official GAMERA 4.
GAMERA 4 also showed at the Miyazaki Film Festival (June 28, 2003) and will be showing at the Japan SF Festival on July 19, 2003. Although this was not an official Daiei Gamera film, it will reportedly be released on video under the Daiei-Kadokawa label.

Source: Uchusen Magazine & Shinpei Hayashiya. Originally from Heinshin!Online



Mini-Poster for Gamera 4

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From Henshin! Online's August Ragone: "An authorized, but small-budget featurette entitled GAMERA 4 just had its first public screening in Japan, recently. In the film, a more angular Gamera battles "Albino Gyaos." Kadokawa-Daiei is seriously considering releasing the short film to DVD. The film even features Yukijiro Hotaru (Also known as Osako from Gamera 1, 2, and 3)reprising his monster-worn character!" Check back here daily. As more info and pictures get out, I'll post them A.S.A.P.
- UPDATE!- New pics from GAMERA 4

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