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1965 Mustang GT K-code

Hello, This is a page I created to help me clarify the "GT" status of my 65 Fastback K-code. The following pictures will document what I have found on my car. (Since I've made this page back in November 2002, I have had a huge number of letters from folks with 65 mustangs indicating that many of their 65 GTs had the fog lamp switch in the same location as mine!) Hopefully, the information below will give anyone else with questions about 65-66 GT mustangs a pretty good indication of some of the things to look for when shopping for an early "GT".

As you can see by the first picture it has the fog lamps and correct hood molding (I know, I know. . these aren't hard to fake. By the way. . .the car's paint looks so much better in these pictures than in reality!)

Data Plate info: K-code build date of 23 May. . ..good so far

Correct Instrument cluster and glove box. . ..again easy to fake. . .more to follow. . . . . NICE FLOORS!!

Here's a view of the area under the gage cluster. (My understanding is that this area would be flat and need to be cut if converting from a standard to a GT gage package in 1965. If this is incorrect I'd appreciate someone dropping me a line!) Also note the original FoMoCo numbers and script on the inside of the glove box.

Here's a view of the steering box. . .correct numbers here as well.

Here are the front fog lamps, notice the bolt that holds the lamp to the grill. (I've been told the repos and 66s held the lamps on with clips, and that this is a unique 65 feature. Again, if this is incorrect please let me know!) All FoMoCo script and numbers present.

If you look closely you can see the factory grease marks indicating where to punch out the holes for the fog lamp wiring (By the way. . .the holes are stamped and not drilled as indicated by the raised lip on the engine side. This doesn't mean the car is a GT, but it does mean it most likely came from the factory with fog lamps!).

OK now here's the problem. . . .notice that the fog lamp switch is located under the dash.

Here is a close up of the switch and the FACTORY cut out holes. NOTE: There are two of them right next to each other both are stamped and have the "D" shape. (Notice the manual choke cable for the Hipo!!)

The tail lights come on with the fog lamps, and it's obviously dual exhaust. (The car still has the original exhaust system with April 65 date codes on the FoMoCo mufflers!) It appears to me the car has the larger front sway bar, but I'm not sure if that was standard for a k-code.

(By the way, if anyone was wondering what the re-enforced exhaust brackets under the back seat look like. . . .)

So what do we have here? I've been told that there's only one correct spot for the fog lamp switch. In this case, if the car is a "fake GT" Someone went to an awful lot of trouble to miss something so obvious!

UPDATE: As I mentioned at the top of the page I've had literally dozens of folks write and send pictures of their cars with the fog lamp switch in the same location. (Several of these folks are highly regarded members of VMF and MCA!) As a result, I'm personally convinced of my car's "GT" authenticity. Hopefully, someone out there will benifit from my experience. I hope to update this site as I begin the restoration process!

I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on the car! My email is :

Finally, I wanted to throw on a picture of my 1962 Thunderbird Sport Roadster. I know it's rather "off topic", but I couldn't resist!