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Welcome to the 4th Annual Digital Narrative Arts


(D.N.A.) Film Festival website.


DNAFF has been founded to give a voice to story tellers world wide. The festival will screen exclusively at Atom Egoyan’s Camera Bar located on trendy Queen St. W in Toronto, ON. The screenings will occur mid-fall 2007 with prizes for the top three finalists, which will be decided on by panel.



DNAFF showcases quality stories by film makers that might not otherwise have the opportunity to tell their story. The only two criteria DNAFF looks for in its film selection process is that the films are narrative and filmed in a digital format.


There are no time restrictions for entries, because after all, who are we to tell you how long your story should take to tell.


To read what other film makers have to say about DNAFF please visit our press room.




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