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Tokyo Mauri Tactical Master

Tokyo Marui revised their Beretta M9 and decided to call it a Tactical Master. This, oddly, looks just like a Beretta M92 Elite with the exception of a chrome barrel and trademarks. They added 7 new things to make this gun look and feel more tactical. The gun is around 7 inches long and weighs about 1.5lbs.

The only thing I don't like about this gun is that it has TM on the side of the slide instead of Elite like its real steel counterpart does. Other than that this gun looks very good. It has a rather glossy black finish, but not too glossy. It came in a black box that made it look real good. I loved opening the box and pulling out the gun (it felt so good).

The 7 new features. The brigadier style slide has serrations for a good grip when cocking the gun on the back and front(they aren't usually on the front on a beretta) of the slide and has a little ridge right in the middle of the slide. The short barrel is there just to look cooler, it doesn't have a shorter inner barrel. The long slide stop lever actually is bad. It may make the gun look more tactical, but (in my case) your hand might cover it and keep it from stopping the slide when you are out of ammo. The skeleton hammer is also a detriment in my opinion. If the hammer was bigger it would hit the gas release valve with more force and more gas would come out as well as a stronger kick. The tactical takedown lever is great, it has come in handy many a time(sarcasm)! It is tactical because it doesn't stick out as far. The tactical combat sight is very nice even though it should have been on the original in the first place. All real M9 have "tactical combat sights" or in other words, dots on all three sights. This is nice in the day when you are using a silencer, and just makes lining up the sights easier and quicker in general. Finally the finger channel rubber grip. This was the main reason why I bought this gun, so I wouldn't have to go buy a Hogue grip. The grip is wider than most grips and feels very comfortable in your hands.

The mag can take 26 bbs and will last 2-4 mags on a full charge. However if you want this to last you must oil your mags once every two months. I didn't and so the gas doesn't last for 3 mags. I shot one inch groupings at around 30 feet with a slight wind. This gun doesn't have superb accuracy but will hit the target with no problem. It could hit a human out to 100 feet. The blowback is crisp and it feels good. Performance wise this is a good strong gun.

I've had this gun for about 2 years now and it almost performs like it was when I first bought it. I have neglected to oil it as needed, and with the use of green gas it needed it more than twice a year. I oil it every month, and it gets around three reloads before the mag needs to be refilled(in the winter, on a cold day). This gun has been thrown, stepped on, submerged in water, dropped in mud and sand (which got inside the gun), and it still works great.



It isn't the best one out there. but for it's price range I think it is. It can take whatever you can dish out. If you buy this gun you will like it. I guarantee it.

Review written by Cameron