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This review is basically a short review of the KWA Glock 18c. I am writing to show the differences of KWA and KSC. To find out the specs on the KSC Glock 18c go here. KWA is a division of KSC, it is made in Taiwan. It's more for the American airsofter, because it comes with blaze orange, and doesn't have any trademarks. Our particular Glock 18c was purchased from Airsoft Atlanta; and came full metal.

Out of the box, it didn't look great. The metal slide had a finish that was too shiny. It just didn't look right. However, being full metal it did have a nice weight. Internally this is the same as the KSC one except it's made in Taiwan. Performance was good for the first 2000 rounds (I was told), but when I got my hands on it it jammed every once and a while. As for accuracy, It isn't as accurate as my Glock 19 or the KSC Glock 18c, but it wasn't horrible, just not good. I imagine that it could get 5 inch groupings at 25 yards with a rest of some sort. As far as complaints, one time it wouldn't blowback because something stuck the chamber to the top of the slide. Something going wrong like this in battle might be very costly. Also the rear sight is too lose, and can easily be slid from side to side.


Sights-7/10(good but too loose)
Appearance-6-10(not a good finish)
everything else is the same as the other review.

The differences are there. KSC and KWA are different. In this case the KWA came with a metal slide, but I don't think that has anything to do with the performance of the gun. Directly comparing the two, there are many differences.

#1 Finish- the KSC has a much better finish
#2 Feel- the KSC just feels better, the metal slide made the Kwa feel awkward.
#3 Accuracy- the KSc Glock was more accurate
#4 Reliability- The KSC has never had a problem, that I cannot say about the KWA
#5 Trademarks- not important to some, but very important to me(the difference between a toy looking and gun looking pistol) KWA doesn't have them.

In the end I won't buy KWA products when I can buy KSC. I have to say I wansn't too disappointed because the KWA did have a metal slide. I would rather have a higher quality gun for the same price.